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Lizette Woodworth Reese
dearth, tears, all come to dust, As even the herbs must. Life-everlasting, too, Windless, poignantRate it:

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Our Fathers of Old
Rudyard Kipling
Excellent herbs had our fathers of old-- Excellent herbs to ease their pain-- Alexanders and Marigold, Eyebright, Orris, and Elecampane-- Basil, Ro...Rate it:

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A Shower In War-Time
Sydney Thompson Dobell
their distant feet, and throw The nectar to the herbs below. The droughty herbs, without a sound, DRate it:

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Green River
William Cullen Bryant
with waters of green, As if the bright fringe of herbs on its brink Had given their stain to the waRate it:

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Neighbour Peter's Mare
La Fontaine
past ere at the gate, And then thy cabbages, and herbs, and roots, Provisions, provender, and waresRate it:

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The peter-bird
Eugene Field
for charms voodooistic-- Scorpions, lizards, and herbs, dormice, chameleons, and plantains! SerpentRate it:

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Thoughts in a Garden
Andrew Marvell
well the skilful gard'ner drew Of flowers and herbs this dial new! Where, from above, the milder Rate it:

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Verses Occasioned By The Right Honourable The Lady Viscountess Tyrconnel's Recovery At Bath
Richard Savage
is fragrant, fresh, and pure; Where flow'rs and herbs their cordial odours blend, And all their balRate it:

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Henry David Thoreau
Bear only purfumes and the scent Of healing herbs to just men's fields! Rate it:

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On Tea
Edmund Waller
to praise. The best of Queens, and best of herbs, we owe To that bold nation, which the way did shoRate it:

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The Lay of the Last Minstrel: Canto II.
Sir Walter Scott
were the bones of the dead. VIII Spreading herbs, and flowerets bright, Glisten'd with the dew Rate it:

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The Ruined Cottage
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
garden filled with fruits and flowers and herbs; And in the winter there was no fireside So cheerfuRate it:

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try in vain to deftly intervene ailments that herbs long remedied However alternative therapy is bRate it:

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A Hymn
James Thomson
bids your roarings fall. Soft-roll your incense, herbs, and fruits, and flowers, In mingled clouds Rate it:

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Ralph Waldo Emerson
my morning wishes, hastily Took a few herbs and apples, and the Day Turned and departed silent. I, Rate it:

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A Brother Of The Battuti
Arthur Symons
much, Sour crusts, with water old and stale, And herbs and roots; no rest I take Save when these viRate it:

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A Forest Hymn
William Cullen Bryant
Passes; and yon clear spring, that, midst its herbs, Wells softly forth and wandering steeps the Rate it:

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A Short Discourse on Eternity
Michael Wigglesworth
pasture-land, And dewy Drops that on the tops of Herbs and Plants do stand. [ 7 ] Number the SandRate it:

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A Tombless Epitaph
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
flowers on its banks, and culled Its med'cinable herbs. Yea, oft alone, Piercing the long-neglectedRate it:

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According To The Formulas Of Ancient Grecosyrian Magi
Constantine P. Cavafy
"What distillate can be discovered from herbs of a witching brew," said an aesthete, "what distillate prepared according to the formulas of anci...Rate it:

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Hilda Doolittle
frail of flower, buds of myrrh, all-healing herbs, close pressed in calathes. For she lies pantinRate it:

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Adam: A Sacred Drama. Act 1.
William Cowper
of gold! God The Father. Behold, ye springing herbs and new-born flowers, The step that used to pRate it:

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Adam: A Sacred Drama. Act 3.
William Cowper
in viewing not alone These flowers, these herbs, these high and graceful plants. But Adam, thou, myRate it:

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Lizette Woodworth Reese
up to bed; Table-setting o’er and o’er; Drying herbs for winter’s store; This thing; that thing;—noRate it:

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Artegal And Elidure
William Wordsworth
a garden stored with Poesy; Where flowers and herbs unite, and haply some weeds be, That, wanting nRate it:

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