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She Clothes herself in Poetry..
Jesus Penaranda
She Clothes herself in Poetry... She dresses herself in poetry, clothes her skin with each verse. My hands wonder as eyes explore what verses lies...Rate it:

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Herself A Rose Who Bore The Rose
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Herself a rose, who bore the Rose, She bore the Rose and felt its thorn. All loveliness new-born Took on her bosom its repose, And slept and wo...Rate it:

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The Day undressed—Herself
Emily Dickinson
The Day undressed—Herself— Her Garter—was of Gold— Her Petticoat—of Purple plain— Her Dimities—as old Exactly—as the World— And yet the newest Sta...Rate it:

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To Herself Alone
Kurt Philip Behm
eyes may taste and hands might touch, but to herself alone Her power worn as though a crown —her mRate it:

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The Ship That Found Herself
Rudyard Kipling
We now, held in captivity, Spring to our bondage nor grieve-- See now, how it is blesseder, Brothers, to give than receive! Keep trust, wherefore w...Rate it:

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To My Cousin, Anne Bodham, On Receiving From Her A Network Purse, Made By Herself
William Cowper
My gentle Anne, whom heretofore, When I was young, and thou no more Than plaything for a nurse, I danced and fondled on my knee, A kitten both in s...Rate it:

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Upon Julia's Unlacing Herself
Robert Herrick
Tell, if thou canst, and truly, whence doth come This camphire, storax, spikenard, galbanum, These musks, these ambers, and those other smells Swee...Rate it:

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Aunt Imogen
Edwin Arlington Robinson
in the midst of her glad wonderment She found herself besieged and overcome By two tight arms andRate it:

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Hero And Leander: The Second Sestiad
Christopher Marlowe
open stood the door, he need not climb, And she herself before the pointed time Had spread the boarRate it:

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A Last Confession
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
we both knew along the road, Some fresh shape of herself as once she was Grew present at my side; uRate it:

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Any Saint
Francis Thompson
dost speak! Rebate thy tender suit, Lest to herself impute Some worth Thy bride of earth! A maid Rate it:

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Child in Red
Rainer Maria Rilke
her little red dress all absorbed in restraining herself, and yet, despite herself, she seems to moRate it:

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Merlin And Vivien
Alfred Lord Tennyson
worshipt no unmarried girl But the great Queen herself, fought in her name, Sware by her--vows liRate it:

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Nature And Art. To My Friend Charles Booth Nettleton
Paul Laurence Dunbar
on a time fell upon evil days. From hearing oft herself discussed with praise, There grew within heRate it:

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Tales Of A Wayside Inn : Part 1. The Student's Tale; The Falcon of Ser Federigo
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
he sees In the leaf-shadows of the trellises, Herself, yet not herself; a lovely child With flowingRate it:

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The Bride
Nikhil Parekh
mesmerizing countenance, Humming mystically to herself; as she restlessly tossed on the grandiloqRate it:

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The Maiden On The Shore
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
tide, In shadow wide,- He painted the shore and herself beside. More slowly she wandered near him Rate it:

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The Princess (part 3)
Alfred Lord Tennyson
says the Princess should have been the Head, Herself and Lady Psyche the two arms; And so it was Rate it:

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Trilogy Of Passion 02 Elegy
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
my faithful ardour bless'd, For the last kiss herself entreated me, And on my lips the last last kRate it:

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Tristesses de la lune (Sorrows Of The Moon)
Charles Baudelaire
of the billowing clouds, Languishing, she lets herself fall into long swoons And casts her eyes ovRate it:

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Reveal thy true self
Raina Nicole
That girl that use to cry endless nights losing herself every night not recognizing the face that sRate it:

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John Fletcher
desire, discourse and knowledge Only of what herself is to herself, Make her feel moderate healthRate it:

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Of the Mean and Sure Estate
Sir Thomas Wyatt
seek her townish sister's house. She thought herself endurèd too much pain; The stormy blastsRate it:

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A Ballad of Hell
John Davidson
her fan, her belt untied; With leather girt herself instead, And stuck a dagger at her side. She wRate it:

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A Portrait
Christina Georgina Rossetti
and chose the bitter truth. Harsh towards herself, towards others full of ruth, Servant of servantsRate it:

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