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Anna Akhmatova
Do you hear the soft rustle beside your table? Don't bother to write for I'll come to you. Is it possible you are angry with me like the last ti...Rate it:

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An Unmerry Christmas
Ambrose Bierce
Christmas, you tell me, comes but once a year. One place it never comes, and that is here. Here, in these pages no good wishes spring, No well-worn...Rate it:

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A November Note
Alfred Austin
Why, throstle, do you sing In this November haze? Singing for what? for whom? Deem you that it is Spring, Or that your lonely lays Will stave off W...Rate it:

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My Birthday
John Henry Newman
Let the sun summon all his beams to hold Bright pageant in his court, the cloud-paved sky Earth trim her fields and leaf her copses cold; Till t...Rate it:

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Preamble (A Rough Draft For An Ars Poetica)
Jean Cocteau
...Preamble A rough draft for an ars poetica . . . . . . . Let's get our dreams unstuck The grain of rye free from the prattle of grass...Rate it:

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A House for Four
Deci Hernandez
A house for four What is it? a house for four A dingy looking thing Are there windows? none What is it? a house for four Such a palace Are there ...Rate it:

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A Parsonage In Oxfordshire
William Wordsworth
Where holy ground begins, unhallowed ends, Is marked by no distinguishable line; The turf unites, the pathways intertwine; And, wheresoe'er the ste...Rate it:

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Allegro Maestoso
William Ernest Henley
Spring winds that blow As over leagues of myrtle-blooms and may; Bevies of spring clouds trooping slow, Like matrons heavy bosomed and aglow With t...Rate it:

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An Epistle
Emma Lazarus
I. Master and Sage, greetings and health to thee, From thy most meek disciple! Deign once more Endure me at thy feet, enlighten me, As when upon m...Rate it:

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Another Acrostic ( In the style of Father William )
Lewis Carroll
"Are you deaf, Father William!" the young man said, "Did you hear what I told you just now? "Excuse me for shouting! Don't waggle your head "Lik...Rate it:

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Aspiring Miss DeLaine
Francis Bret Harte
(A CHEMICAL NARRATIVE) Certain facts which serve to explain The physical charms of Miss Addie De Laine, Who, as the common reports obtain, Surpass...Rate it:

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Ayin Nedivah ('Generous Eye'): Qasida for Solomon Ibn Ghiyyat
Yehudah HaLevi
I can’t stop crying. My eyes are like peddler women. What they buy is: you are gone. What they sell is: tears, And business is good: Enough tears f...Rate it:

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Book Fourth [Summer Vacation]
William Wordsworth
BRIGHT was the summer's noon when quickening steps Followed each other till a dreary moor Was crossed, a bare ridge clomb, upon whose top Standing ...Rate it:

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Book Ninth [Residence in France]
William Wordsworth
EVEN as a river,--partly (it might seem) Yielding to old remembrances, and swayed In part by fear to shape a way direct, That would engulph him soo...Rate it:

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Book Of Suleika - Suleika 02
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
WHAT is by this stir reveal'd? Doth the East glad tidings bring? For my heart's deep wounds are heal'd By his mild and cooling wing. He the dust...Rate it:

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Bridge-Guard in the Karroo
Rudyard Kipling
". . . and will supply details to guard the Blood River Bridge." District Orders-Lines of Communication, South African War. Sudden the desert chan...Rate it:

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Henry Timrod
How grace this hallowed day? Shall happy bells, from yonder ancient spire, Send their glad greetings to each Christmas fire Round which the chil...Rate it:

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Composed Near Calais, On The Road Leading To Ardres, August 7, 1802
William Wordsworth
JONES! as from Calais southward you and I Went pacing side by side, this public Way Streamed with the pomp of a too-credulous day, When faith was p...Rate it:

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Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
SURELY I heard a voice-surely my name Was breathed in tones familiar to my heart! I listened-and the low wind stealing came, In darkness and in ...Rate it:

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Dreams Old
David Herbert Lawrence
I have opened the window to warm my hands on the sill Where the sunlight soaks in the stone: the afternoon Is full of dreams, my love, the boys a...Rate it:

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Edinburgh After Flodden
William Edmondstoune Aytoun
I. News of battle!-news of battle! Hark! 'tis ringing down the street: And the archways and the pavement Bear the clang of hurrying feet. News of ...Rate it:

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Edgar Lee Masters

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Epilogue To Lessing's Laocooen
Matthew Arnold
One morn as through Hyde Park we walk'd, My friend and I, by chance we talk'd Of Lessing's famed Laocooen; And after we awhile had gone In Lessing...Rate it:

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Epithalamium: A Marriage Poem
Major Henry Livingston Jr.
'Twas summer, when softly the breezes were blowing, And Hudson majestic so sweetly was flowing, The groves rang with music & accents of pleasure An...Rate it:

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Era.m conseillatz
Bernard de Ventadorn
Era.m cosselhatz, senhor, vos c'avetz saber e sen: una domna.m det s'amor, c'ai amada lonjamen; mas eras sai de vertat qu'ilh a autr'amic privat, n...Rate it:

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