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Gorgon or the Wonderful Year
Gabriel Harvey
|S+t+| Fame dispos'd to cunnycatch the world, Vproar'd a wonderment of Eighty Eight: The Earth addreading to be ouerwhurld, What now au...Rate it:

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The Wonderful Aussie Waler
Arthur Henry Adams
When Allenby's Army smashed the Turk Who was the bloke who did all the work The Aussie knows and he'll tell you straight That most of the job was d...Rate it:

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The Wonderful Country
John Boyle O'Reilly
THERE once was a time when, as old songs prove it, The earth was not round, but an endless plain; The sea was as wide as the heavens above it— J...Rate it:

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Great, Wide, Beautiful, Wonderful World
William Brighty Rands
Great, wide, beautiful, wonderful World, With the wonderful water round you curled, And the wonderful grass upon your breast-- World, you are be...Rate it:

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What a wonderful world.
Odey-Agba Itite Emmanuel
Young grow old. Poor become rich. Dawn become night. Friends become enemies. We live to die. In few hours this day shall be yesterday. Every...Rate it:

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How wonderful
How wonderful, that Her heart Should show me kindness; And of all the numberless folk, Grief should not touch me. Rate it:

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Frank Anthony Cimino jr
As we get to the end of our lives together The cars we drove, The house we shared The things we possessed, The things we owned… Won’t matter What w...Rate it:

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Year After Year: A Love Song.
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
YEAR after year the cowslips fill the meadow, Year after year the skylarks thrill the air, Year after year, in sunshine or in shadow, Rolls the ...Rate it:

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Auld Farmer's New-Year-Morning Salutation to His Auld Mare, Maggie On giving her the accustomed ripp of corn to hansel in the New-Year, The
Robert Burns
A Guide New-year I wish thee, Maggie! Hae, there's a ripp to thy auld baggie: Tho' thou's howe-backit now, an' knaggie, I've seen the day There...Rate it:

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From Year To Year
Kurt Philip Behm
To catch you in my rhythm, ensnare you in my rhyme To make the meter come alive, and pull you out of time With lines that end so sweetly, w...Rate it:

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To love thee Year by Year
Emily Dickinson
To love thee Year by Year— May less appear Than sacrifice, and cease— However, dear, Forever might be short, I thought to show— And so I pieced it,...Rate it:

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The Death of the Old Year
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Full knee-deep lies the winter snow, And the winter winds are wearily sighing: Toll ye the church bell sad and slow, And tread softly and speak low...Rate it:

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New Year's Morning
Helen Hunt Jackson
Only a night from old to new! Only a night, and so much wrought! The Old Year's heart all weary grew, But said: The New Year rest has brought." ...Rate it:

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Farewell To The Old Year, 1863
Janet Hamilton
Farewell, old year, 'the bourne' is near, 'Whence traveller ne'er returneth'- Passing away from time for aye, Thy life-light faintly burneth. Fare...Rate it:

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New Year
Katharine Lee Bates
WHITE year, white year, Muffled soft in snow, A diamond spray whose gems are gone Before their grace we know, A crystal-coated spray whose hours Me...Rate it:

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The Passing Of The Year
Robert William Service
My glass is filled, my pipe is lit, My den is all a cosy glow; And snug before the fire I sit, And wait to feel the old year go. I dedica...Rate it:

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The Sweet O' The Year
George Meredith
Now the frog, all lean and weak, Yawning from his famished sleep, Water in the ditch doth seek, Fast as he can stretch and leap: Marshy king-cu...Rate it:

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A New Year's Time At Willards's
James Whitcomb Riley
1 The Hired Man Talks There's old man Willards; an' his wife; An' Marg'et-- S'repty's sister--; an' There's me-- an' I'm the hired man; An' Tomps ...Rate it:

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New Year
Julia A Moore
Farewell to the old year forever, And all its sorrows and care We'll bury in our hearts, and endeavor New troubles and trials to bear. The old yea...Rate it:

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The New-Year Babe
John Bannister Tabb
Two together, Babe and Year, At the midnight chime, Through the darkness drifted here To the coast of Time. Two together, Babe and Year, Over nigh...Rate it:

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In The Year That's Come and Gone
William Ernest Henley
In the year that's come and gone, love, his flying feather Stooping slowly, gave us heart, and bade us walk together. In the year that's coming on,...Rate it:

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New Year's Eve
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
There is no change upon the air, No record in the sky; No pall-like storm comes forth to shrowd The year about to die. A few light clouds ...Rate it:

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Year Of Meteors, 1859 '60
Walt Whitman
YEAR of meteors! brooding year! I would bind in words retrospective, some of your deeds and signs; I would sing your contest for the 19th...Rate it:

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A New Year Thought
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Brother, who on some near morrow Makes a pledge conceived in sorrow Makes a New Year resolution Seeking plenary ablution. Makes a vow to cease from...Rate it:

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A Year's Carols
Algernon Charles Swinburne
JANUARY HAIL, January, that bearest here On snowbright breasts the babe-faced year That weeps and trembles to be born. Hail, maid and mother, ...Rate it:

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