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I Was Fed Up
Nikhil Parekh
I was fed up of being parasitically dependant, Not of my irrevocable weight; inevitably squelching loose chunks of soil as I walked. I was fed up...Rate it:

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Fed Up
Andrew Barton Paterson
A-drawing fire from Koppies -- well, I'm fair fed up. It's wonderful how few get hit, it's luck tRate it:

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The Flower-Fed Buffaloes
Vachel Lindsay
The flower-fed buffaloes of the spring In the days of long ago, Ranged where the locomotives sing And the prarie flowers lie low: The tossing, bloo...Rate it:

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The Over-Fed Fuse
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
He has made many meals On the Lib'rals of late, And the way that he feels May be judged by his state; For the fact that he has indigestion Is needl...Rate it:

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Elijah Fed By Ravens
John Newton
Elijah's example declares, Whatever distress may betide; The saints may commit all their cares To him who will surely provide: When rain long withh...Rate it:

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‘A worm fed on the heart of Corinth'
Isaac Rosenberg
A worm fed on the heart of Corinth, Babylon and Rome: Not Paris raped tall Helen, But this incestuous worm, Who lured her vivid beauty To his amorp...Rate it:

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A Love Song
Duncan Campbell Scott
I gave her a rose in early June, Fed with the sun and the dew, Each petal I said is a note in the tune, The rose is the whole tune through and thro...Rate it:

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Amusing Trial, in Which a Yankee Lawyer Rendered a Just Verdict.
Anonymous Americas
A Slave sold at Auction. A time there was, when no one thought It sin, to hold a slave he'd bought, And of his strength have the command, As much a...Rate it:

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Another Fusion
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
There's been fierce argument of late In my vicinitee, Between the Commonwealth and State, For I fell out with me. I am a sturdy Federalist, A stau...Rate it:

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George Gordon Lord Byron
and inglorious; and the pang Of famine fed upon all entrails--men Died, and their bones were tombleRate it:

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Soldier An' Sailor Too
Rudyard Kipling
As I was spittin' into the Ditch aboard o' the ~Crocodile~, I seed a man on a man-o'-war got up in the Reg'lars' style. 'E was scrapin' the paint f...Rate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Now, Ma-til-der! Ain't cher dressed yet? I declare, the girl ain't up! Last as ushul. Move yerself, you sleepy'-ead! Are you goin' to lie there l...Rate it:

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Biscooti Love
Rochelle Potkar
Memory is… images of a prepubescent boy cycling home, Parag milk packets in one of his arms, feeding biscuits to a stray gaggle of brown dogs, wa...Rate it:

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Arbor Amoris
François Villon
I have a tree, a graft of Love, That in my heart has taken root; Sad are the buds and blooms thereof, And bitter sorrow is its fruit; Yet, sinc...Rate it:

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Robert Herrick
Till I shall come again, let this suffice, I send my salt, my sacrifice To thee, thy lady, younglings, and as far As to thy Genius and thy Lar; To ...Rate it:

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Henry Howard
EACH beast can choose his fere according to his mind, And eke can show a friendly chere, like to their beastly kind. A lion saw I late, as white as...Rate it:

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Percy Bysshe Shelley
I weep for Adonais -he is dead! O, weep for Adonais! though our tears Thaw not the frost which binds so dear a head! And thou, sad Hour, selected f...Rate it:

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An Expostulation to Lord King
Thomas Moore
poorly they feast; But Peers, and such animals, fed up for show, (Like the well-physick'd elephant,Rate it:

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Blessed Among Women --To The Signora Cairoli
Algernon Charles Swinburne
Blessed was she that bare, Hidden in flesh most fair, For all men's sake the likeness of all love; Holy that virgin's womb, The old ...Rate it:

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James Weldon Johnson
See! There he stands; not brave, but with an air Of sullen stupor. Mark him well! Is he Not more like brute than man? Look in his eye! No light is ...Rate it:

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Description Of A Lost Friend
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
FROM THE MORNING POST. LOST--near the 'Change in the city, (I saw there a girl that seemed pretty) 'Joe Steel,' a short, cross-looking varlet, ...Rate it:

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Endymion: Book I
John Keats

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Epistle Of Condolence From A Slave-Lord To A Cotton-Lord
Thomas Moore
Alas ! my dear friend, what a state of affairs ! How unjustly we both are despoil'd of our rights ! Not a pound of black flesh shall I leave to my ...Rate it:

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Farewell To Brother Jonathan
Anonymous Americas
Farewell! we must part; we have turned from the land Of our cold-hearted brother, with tyrannous hand, Who assumed all our rights as a favor to gra...Rate it:

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Freedom's Plow
Langston Hughes
When a man starts out with nothing, When a man starts out with his hands Empty, but clean, When a man starts to build a world, He starts first with...Rate it:

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