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Sonnet 51: Thus can my love excuse the slow offence
William Shakespeare
Thus can my love excuse the slow offence Of my dull bearer, when from thee I speed: From where thou art, why should I haste me thence? Till I retur...Rate it:

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Beyond All Excuse
Kurt Philip Behm
mood Driving its impression inward Beyond all excuse Wounding the intellect Calling out names SavRate it:

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A Poor Excuse, but our own
Franklin P. Adams
(Why don't you ever write any child poetry? -A MOTHER.) My right-hand neighbour hath a child, A pretty child of five or six, Not more than oth...Rate it:

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
THOU dost complain of woman for changing from one to another? Censure her not: for she seeks one who will constant remain. Rate it:

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Excuse Me While I Kiss The sky
Mario William Vitale
Jimi was crazy in his days of purple haze Getting tossed with the sauce As a mouse is stuck in its maze Had screaming sounds with his guitar He...Rate it:

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Here's to the Maiden of Bashful Fifteen
Richard Brinsley Sheridan
to the lass, I'll warrant she'll prove an excuse for the glass. Here's to the charmer whose dimpleRate it:

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A Hyde Park Larrikin
Henry Kendall
old Dis a master; But then he had a strong excuse -- He never heard a pastor. However, it occuRate it:

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Phantasmagoria CANTO VI ( Dyscomfyture )
Lewis Carroll
talk!" he cried, as I began To mutter some excuse. "Who can have patience with a man That's got no Rate it:

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The Apologist
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
see. No harm to fuse. And I am certain you'll excuse Us all, when once you fairly grasp the fact ThRate it:

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The Old Man's Calendar
La Fontaine
short of what a bird like his devours, T'excuse himself and satisfy his dear, Pretended that, no daRate it:

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The Rival Curates
William Schwenck Gilbert
think so! "For years I've longed for some Excuse for this revulsion: Now that excuse has come - I Rate it:

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An Alphabet of Famous Goops
Gelett Burgess
Of Saying 'Thank You! -- 'If you Please' -- 'Excuse Me, Sir,' and Words like These. 30 Still, hRate it:

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Coma induced mediatation Common excuse as app plies docility through mediacation Released once responsive to barked codes Stores many floors to r...Rate it:

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Maud Muller
John Greenleaf Whittier
At last, like one who for delay Seeks a vain excuse, he rode away. Maud Muller looked and sighRate it:

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Our Presents Lay
Kurt Philip Behm
to reject your epiphany, most used as an excuse By those who pull the shades down low, the darknesRate it:

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Sursum Corda
Ralph Waldo Emerson
not also real? Why should'st thou stoop to poor excuse? Turn on the Accuser roundly; say, "Here am Rate it:

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The Future
Rainer Maria Rilke
The future: time's excuse to frighten us; too vast a project, too large a morsel for the heart's mouth. Future, who won't wait for you? Everyone i...Rate it:

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The Spider
Jane Taylor
insect, my dear? If it hurt you, there'd be some excuse for your fear; But its little black legs, Rate it:

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The Wrong That I Have Done
Kevin Ryan Murray
betrayer I have caused you this pain I have no excuse I cant say it was just an accident BecausRate it:

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my mind Still, I haven't come home . What's my excuse? I really don't know. I've seen many thingRate it:

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Forgotten Lord
Kurt Philip Behm
this time not to be ignored Washing away the excuse and the false remorse, with damnation---forRate it:

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The Court of Love
Geoffrey Chaucer
Court of Love. And ye that be metricians,* me excuse, *skilled versifiers I you beseech, for Venus'Rate it:

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Unlike Splendor in The Grass 11
Nobody Nose
desires for you) In some innocent bleating excuse of his For his stupidity mixed with a certain imbRate it:

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The Mask
Kurt Philip Behm
fall off the page Does reason kill your last excuse, —that one mask you can’t explain (Villanova Rate it:

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A Friend of Mine
Sheila King
forgive me,” – “Baby I love ya”… “Please excuse me” but there is no use– Love is a “Special offer”Rate it:

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