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Elysium Of Shades
Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev
Elysium of shades this soul of mine, Shades silent, luminous, and wholly severed From this tempestuous age, these restless times, Their joys and gr...Rate it:

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Elysium is as far as to
Emily Dickinson
Elysium is as far as to The very nearest Room If in that Room a Friend await Felicity or Doom-- What fortitude the Soul contains That it can ...Rate it:

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Robert Herrick
THE APPARITION OF HIS, MISTRESS, CALLING HIM TO ELYSIUM DESUNT NONNULLA-- Come then, and like two doves with silvery wings, Let our souls fly to ...Rate it:

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Friedrich Schiller
Past the despairing wail-- And the bright banquets of the Elysian vale Melt every care away! Delight, that breathes and moves forever, Glides thro...Rate it:

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To a Friend in Elysium
Joachim du Bellay
So long you wandered on the dusky plain, Where flit the shadows with their endless cry, You reach the shore where all the world goes by, You lea...Rate it:

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Lines on The Mermaid Tavern
John Keats
Souls of Poets dead and gone, What Elysium have ye known, Happy field or mossy cRate it:

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The Death Of Conradin
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
regions, and declare The poet erred to paint Elysium there? Call up his spirit, wanderer! bid him gRate it:

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A Parental Ode to My Son, Aged 3 Years and 5 months
Thomas Hood
in the world that blows, Singing in youth's elysium ever sunny, (Another tumble!—that's his preciouRate it:

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A Dialogue Betwixt Cordanus And Amoret, On A Lost Heart
Richard Lovelace
doth become Of a lost heart, ere to Elysium It wounded walks? Cord. Rate it:

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A Doubt of Martyrdom
Sir John Suckling
gone Where each sits by his own? Or how can that Elysium be Where I my mistress still must see CircRate it:

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A Funeral Fantasie
Friedrich Schiller
the arms of Aurora, While the air like Elysium is smiling above, Steeped in rose-breathinRate it:

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Edward Thomas
dark trees and white meadows happier Than was Elysium in that happy hour, A train that roared alongRate it:

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An EPISTLE from Alexander to Hephaestion In His Sickness
Anne Kingsmill Finch
the most Worthy I'll that Sway resign, And in Elysium keep Hyphaestion mine. Rate it:

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George Meredith
into the yearning earth. Sleep, Sister! for Elysium's dawning birth, - And faith will fill thee witRate it:

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Count Giacomo Leopardi
caused, and harmony, that seem The mystery of Elysium to reveal. The stricken mortal fondly worshipRate it:

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At The Sign Of The Lyre
Richard Le Gallienne
and Fielding here are come To bid thee to Elysium. Last comes one all golden: Fame Calls thee, MastRate it:

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Charms of Precedence - A Tale
William Shenstone
souls put off each earthly passion, Ere on Elysium's flowery strand Old Charon suffer'd them to lanRate it:

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Elegy, Written In The Year 1758
James Beattie
real scenes rush dismal on the eye; And from Elysium's balmy slumber torn The startled soul awakes,Rate it:

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Epipsychidion: Passages Of The Poem, Or Connected Therewith
Percy Bysshe Shelley
steps, ah, too unequal! may we meet In one Elysium or one winding-sheet! If any should be curious Rate it:

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From 'Samson Agonistes' i
John Milton
Where each sits by his own? Or how can that Elysium be Where I my mistress still must see Rate it:

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Hudibras: Part 3 - Canto I
Samuel Butler
streams or hemp departed? Leap'd headlong int' Elysium, Through th' windows of a dazzling room? ButRate it:

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Hymn To Joy
Friedrich Schiller
Joy, thou goddess, fair, immortal, Offspring of Elysium, Mad with rapture, to the portal Of thy holy fame we come! Fashion's laws, indeed, may se...Rate it:

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In the Bay
Algernon Charles Swinburne
what hope were worth.VI Past Hades, past Elysium, past the long Slow smooth strong lapse of Rate it:

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Je Te Donne Ces Vers Afin Que Si Mon Nom (I Give You These Verses So That If My Name)
Charles Baudelaire
on a favouring main, and ride the gale to Time's Elysium, with all its freight of dreams to fret thRate it:

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Love: An Elegy
Mark Akenside
that one would wish to gain? Is this the Elysium of a sober brain? To wait for happiness in female Rate it:

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