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Description Of A Lost Friend
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
FROM THE MORNING POST. LOST--near the 'Change in the city, (I saw there a girl that seemed pretty) 'Joe Steel,' a short, cross-looking varlet, ...Rate it:

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Dead Beyond description
Nikhil Parekh
Dead beyond description are those living eyes; which tirelessly harbor the swords of indiscriminately terrorizing hatred and satanic prejudice, D...Rate it:

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A Figurative Description Of The Procedure Of Divine Love
William Cowper
'Twas my purpose, on a day, To embark, and sail away. As I climbed the vessel's side, Love was sporting in the tide; 'Come,' he said, 'ascend—make ...Rate it:

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The 5th Satire Of Book I. Of Horace : A Humorous Description Of The Author's Journey From Rome To Brundusium
William Cowper
'Twas a long journey lay before us, When I and honest Heliodorus, Who far in point of rhetoric Surpasses every living Greek, Each leaving our respe...Rate it:

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On A Bank As I Sate A Fishing: A Description Of The Spring
Sir Henry Wotton
And now all Nature seem'd in love, The lusty sap began to move; New juice did stir th'embracing Vines, And Birds had drawn their Valentines: The j...Rate it:

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The 9th Satire Of Book I. Of Horace : The Description Of An Impertinent. Adapted To The Present Times
William Cowper
Sauntering along the street one day, On trifles musing by the way, Up steps a free familiar wight; (I scarcely knew the man by sight.) 'Carlos (he ...Rate it:

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Henry Howard
WHEN youth had led me half the race That Cupid's scourge had made me run ; I looked back to mete the place From whence my weary course begun. ...Rate it:

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Description Of Writing
Ehsan Sehgal
I simply know What I write Upon which sense I cite However, I do not know You understand that, Within what insight I am aware of my heartbeat It...Rate it:

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A Description of a City Shower
Jonathan Swift
Careful Observers may fortel the Hour (By sure Prognosticks) when to dread a Show'r: While Rain depends, the pensive Cat gives o'er Her Frolicks...Rate it:

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A Description Of One Of The Pieces Of Tapistry At Long-Leat
Anne Kingsmill Finch
THUS Tapistry of old, the Walls adorn'd, Ere noblest Dames the artful Shuttle scorn'd: Arachne, then, with Pallas did contest, And scarce th' Im...Rate it:

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A Description Of The Countreys Recreations
Sir Henry Wotton
Quivering fears, Heart-tearing cares, Anxious sighs, Untimely tears, Fly, fly to Courts, Fly to fond worldling's sports, Where strained Sardonic ...Rate it:

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A Description of the Morning
Jonathan Swift
Now hardly here and there a hackney-coach Appearing, show'd the ruddy morn's approach. Now Betty from her master's bed had flown, And softly stole ...Rate it:

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Description of a Tropical Island
Charles Harpur
Behold an Indian isle, reposed Upon the deep’s enamoured breast, Even like a royal bride, be-rosed With passion in her happy rest. Or, when the...Rate it:

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Description of Love
Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
A true lover is proved such by his pain of heart; No sickness is there like sickness of heart. The lover's ailment is different from all ailments; ...Rate it:

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The Description Of Sir Geoffrey Chaucer
Robert Greene
HIS stature was not very tall, Lean he was, his legs were small, Hosed within a sock of red, A buttoned bonnet on his head, From under which di...Rate it:

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The Description Of Tyburn
John Taylor
I Have heard sundry men oft times dispute Of trees, that in one year will twice bear fruit. But if a man note Tyburn, 'will appear, That that's ...Rate it:

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A Lost Friend
John Boyle O'Reilly
MY friend he was; my friend from all the rest; With childlike faith he oped to me his breast; No door was locked on altar, grave or grief; No we...Rate it:

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The Lost Friend
Amy Levy
The people take the thing of course, They marvel not to see This strange, unnatural divorce Betwixt delight and me. I know the face of sorrow, and...Rate it:

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To A Friend Lost (Tom Taylor)
George Meredith
When I remember, friend, whom lost I call, Because a man beloved is taken hence, The tender humour and the fire of sense In your good eyes; how ful...Rate it:

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A Tried Friend, A True Friend
Madison Julius Cawein
A friend for you and a friend for me, A friend to understand; To cheer the way and help the day With heart as well as hand: With heart as well as h...Rate it:

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Is This Thy Kindness To Thy Friend (Christ A Redeemer And Friend)
John Newton
Poor, weak and worthless though I am I have a rich almighty friend; Jesus, the Saviour, is His Name; He freely loves, and without end. He ransome...Rate it:

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My friend attacks my friend!
Emily Dickinson
My friend attacks my friend! Oh Battle picturesque! Then I turn Soldier too, And he turns Satirist! How martial is this place! Had I a mighty gun I...Rate it:

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Lost In Silence
My soul sinks deep out like a ship, a sole shepherd without his sheep, silence of the lamb in friendship, your absence's killing me softly! Gang g...Rate it:

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I Want to get lost Into The Wilds
Abinash Parajuli
Change your name your identity Money makes people cautious So I don’t need money Laughter of satisfaction Gives me truth, blood is hunger and thirs...Rate it:

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Amber Caillouet
I lost myself in a sea of sorrow. I lost my sense of direction, I don't know which way is up or down. I lost the only people I care about because t...Rate it:

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