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A Dead Sea-Gull
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
LACK-LUSTRE eye, and idle wing, And smirchèd breast that skims no more, White as the foam itself, the wave-- Hast thou not even a grave Upon th...Rate it:

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To Sea! To Sea!
Thomas Lovell Beddoes
TO sea, to sea! The calm is o'er; The wanton water leaps in sport, And rattles down the pebbly shore; The dolphin wheels, the sea-cow snorts, And...Rate it:

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Where the Dead Men Lie
Barcroft Henry Thomas Boake
Out on the wastes of the Never Never - That's where the dead men lie! There where the heat-waves dance forever - That's where the dead men lie! Tha...Rate it:

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Dead Beyond description
Nikhil Parekh
Dead beyond description are those living eyes; which tirelessly harbor the swords of indiscriminately terrorizing hatred and satanic prejudice, D...Rate it:

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Dead Selves
James Whitcomb Riley
How many of my selves are dead? The ghosts of many haunt me: Lo, The baby in the tiny bed With rockers on, is blanketed And sleeping in the long ag...Rate it:

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Tommy's Dead
Sydney Thompson Dobell
YOU may give over plough, boys, You may take the gear to the stead, All the sweat o' your brow, boys, Will never get beer and bread. The seed's...Rate it:

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The Song Of The Dead
Rudyard Kipling
Hear now the Song of the Dead -- in the North by the torn berg-edges -- They that look still to the Pole, asleep by their hide-stripped sledge...Rate it:

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The Dead Ship Of Harpswell
John Greenleaf Whittier
What flecks the outer gray beyond The sundown's golden trail? The white flash of a sea-bird's wing, Or gleam of slanting sail? Let young eyes watch...Rate it:

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The Dead To The Living
Edith Nesbit
Work while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work. IN the childhood of April, while purple woods With the young year's blood in them s...Rate it:

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Dead Man's Dump
Isaac Rosenberg
The plunging limbers over the shattered track Racketed with their rusty freight, Stuck out like many crowns of thorns, And the rusty stakes like sc...Rate it:

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The City Dead-House
Walt Whitman
BY the City Dead-House, by the gate, As idly sauntering, wending my way from the clangor, I curious pause--for lo! an outcast form, a poo...Rate it:

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The Dead Coach
Katharine Tynan
At night when sick folk wakeful lie, I heard the dead coach passing by, And heard it passing wild and fleet, And knew my time was come not yet. Cl...Rate it:

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Day of the dead
Mario William Vitale
This is a story of the day of the dead The day they rose from their boxed-up beds There was fire and smoke And blood and corpses With people parano...Rate it:

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The Dead Soldier
Dora Sigerson Shorter
Where the sword has opened the way the man will follow 'Look! they came, the triumphant army! Over yon hill see their weapons peeping!' Still I sp...Rate it:

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The Dead Moment
Muriel Stuart
THE world is changed between us, never more Shall the dawn rise and seek another mate Over the hill-tops; never can the shore Spread out her rag...Rate it:

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The Dead Singer
John Boyle O'Reilly
'SHE is dead!' they say; 'she is robed for the grave; O there are lilies upon her breast; Her mother has kissed her clay-cold lips, and folded her...Rate it:

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Dead Leaves
Edward Booth Loughran
When these dead leaves were green, love, November's skies were blue, And summer came with lips aflame, The gentle spring to woo; And to u...Rate it:

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Dead Love
Algernon Charles Swinburne
Dead love, by treason slain, lies stark, White as a dead stark-stricken dove: None that pass by him pause to mark Dead love. His heart, that str...Rate it:

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I Stood With the Dead
Siegfried Sassoon
I Stood with the Dead, so forsaken and still: When dawn was grey I stood with the Dead. And my slow heart said, 'You must kill, you must kill: 'So...Rate it:

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The City of the Dead XX
Khalil Gibran
Yesterday I drew myself from the noisome throngs and proceeded into the field until I reached a knoll upon which Nature had spread her comely garme...Rate it:

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The Dead whno Died for Ireland
John Boyle O'Reilly
The dead who died for Ireland! Oh, these are living words To nerve the hearts of patriots — to steel avenging swords — They thrill the soul when sp...Rate it:

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The Songs Of The Dead Men To The Three Dancers
Robinson Jeffers
I. TO DESIRE (Here a dancer enters and dances.) Who is she that is fragrant and desirable, Clothed but enough to wake wantonness, And proud of her ...Rate it:

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Dead Joys
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
Moan on with thy loud changeless wail, Desolate sea, Grinding thy pebbles into thankless sand. Oh, could I lash my angry heart like thee Until it b...Rate it:

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Oh, Ye Dead!
Thomas Moore
Oh, ye Dead! oh, ye Dead! whom we know by the light you give From your cold gleaming eyes, though you move like men who live, Why leave you thus ...Rate it:

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Dead Hope
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Hope new born one pleasant morn Died at even; Hope dead lives nevermore. No, not in heaven. If his shroud were but a cloud To weep itself away; Or...Rate it:

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