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Hiawatha's Fasting
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
of Life!" he cried, desponding, "Must our lives depend on these things?" On the next day of hiRate it:

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The Song Of Hiawatha V: Hiawatha's Fasting
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
of Life!' he cried, desponding, 'Must our lives depend on these things?' On the next day of his faRate it:

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Blowin Up Like You Thought I Would
Mario William Vitale
why stop now when my hands on the plow bringing people together so why do I even bother the streets have good peeps just ask Robin Leeche remember ...Rate it:

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I Am The Wind Vane (Tuanortsa)
Leslie Alexis
I am the wind vane. I depend on the wind To turn. It is my energy. I need what wind gives To be me. I am the wind vane. I am the wind vane. To be ...Rate it:

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La courbe de tes yeux
Paul Eluard
La courbe de tes yeux fait le tour de mon coeur, Un rond de danse et de douceur, Auréole du temps, berceau nocturne et sûr, Et si je ne sais plu...Rate it:

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Satire III
Mathurin Regnier
Sans parler, je t'entends : il faut suivre l'orage ; Aussi bien on ne peut où choisir avantage ; Nous vivons à tâtons et, dans ce monde ici, Souv...Rate it:

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Tale XIX
George Crabbe
THE CONVERT. Some to our Hero have a hero's name Denied, because no father's he could claim; Nor could his mother with precision state A full fair...Rate it:

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Walt Whitman
O MATER! O fils! O brood continental! O flowers of the prairies! O space boundless! O hum of mighty products! O you teeming cities! O s...Rate it:

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He cried for help using a silent cord but silent cries always get ignored, he couldn't remember how life rewards and from his eyes the tears then p...Rate it:

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PAPI Mario (Reaching The Masses) flirting with fire burning it up with its fullest of desire I'm a hot wire dynamite is my friend with whom ...Rate it:

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At A Vacation Exercise In The Colledge, Part Latin, Part English. The Latin Speeches Ended, The English Thus Began
John Milton
Hail native Language, that by sinews weak Didst move my first endeavouring tongue to speak, And mad'st imperfect words with childish tripps, Half u...Rate it:

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'Monstre' Balloon
Richard Harris Barham
Oh! the balloon, the great balloon! It left Vauxhall one Monday at noon, And every one said we should hear of it soon With news from Aleppo or S...Rate it:

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A Mirror To The Soul
Mario William Vitale
the ocean has a deeper way to calm our fears trace back the years we used to know when shadows break through the corridor in the hall the pitter pa...Rate it:

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A Poem Upon The Death Of O.C.
Andrew Marvell
That Providence which had so long the care Of Cromwell's head, and numbred ev'ry hair, Now in its self (the Glass where all appears) Had seen the p...Rate it:

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An Enigma
Edgar Allan Poe
"Seldom we find," says Solomon Don Dunce, "Half an idea in the profoundest sonnet. Through all the flimsy things we see at once ...Rate it:

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An Epistle Of The Right Honourable Sir Robert Walpole
Richard Savage
Still let low wits, who sense nor honour prize, Sneer at all gratitude, all truth disguise; At living worth, because alive, exclaim, Insult the exi...Rate it:

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An Epistle To William Hogarth
Charles Churchill
Amongst the sons of men how few are known Who dare be just to merit not their own! Superior virtue and superior sense, To knaves and fools, will al...Rate it:

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An Hymne of Heavenly Love
Edmund Spenser
Love, lift me up upon thy golden wings From this base world unto thy heavens hight, Where I may see those admirable things Which there thou workest...Rate it:

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Annie Protheroe. A Legend of Stratford-le-Bow
William Schwenck Gilbert
OH! listen to the tale of little ANNIE PROTHEROE. She kept a small post-office in the neighbourhood of BOW; She loved a skilled mechanic, who was f...Rate it:

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Ashtabula Disaster
Julia A Moore
Air -- "Gently Down the Stream of Time" Have you heard of the dreadful fate Of Mr. P. P. Bliss and wife? Of their death I will relate, And also ot...Rate it:

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Blinded By Sight
Mario William Vitale
we make plans the break plans do we give up ? it all depends upon the creature or the creator there are those drifting in a sea of the make beli...Rate it:

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Can you Remember?
Edmund Blunden
whole thing in a way; Edge and exactitude Depend on the day. Of all that prodigious scene There sRate it:

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Collective Tapestry III
Mario William Vitale
Every now and then we come across snap shot moments from our past something to grasp. We walk the miracle mile as if its the call of the wild. Thro...Rate it:

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Conscious Love Response
Mario William Vitale
we look inside to dig deeper then ever before a willingness by which to explore so much more love is all around us as if hope springs a new many...Rate it:

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Cupid and Plutus
William Shenstone
each arrow grew, Where Venus bathed herself; depend on't, 'Twere more for use, for beauty too, A diRate it:

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