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On the Critical Attitude
Bertolt Brecht
The critical attitude Strikes many people as unfruitful That is because they find the state Impervious to their criticism But what in this case is ...Rate it:

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Blood Guilt
Georg Trakl
Night threatens at the bed of our kisses. Somewhere a whisper: who absolves your guilt? Still trembling from the sweetness of nefarious lust We ...Rate it:

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Guilt and Sorrow
William Wordsworth
I A traveller on the skirt of Sarum's Plain Pursued his vagrant way, with feet half bare; Stooping his gait, but not as if to gain Help from t...Rate it:

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The Dark Horse
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Do you know this mysterious, serious Watt Who sits at the game with the cards in his sleeve; Watching and waiting While we're calculating The tric...Rate it:

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The Apology
Charles Churchill
ADDRESSED TO THE CRITICAL REVIEWERS. Tristitiam et Metus.--HORACE. Laughs not the heart when giants, big with pride, Assume the pompous port, the...Rate it:

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Botany Bay Eclogues 05 - Frederic
Robert Southey
(Time Night. Scene the woods.) Where shall I turn me? whither shall I bend My weary way? thus worn with toil and faint How thro' the thorny mazes ...Rate it:

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p g webster
Despite connections with my past, your accusations will not stand My innocence to hell you cast, while deep inside you understand Why man is willin...Rate it:

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The Over-Heart
John Greenleaf Whittier
Above, below, in sky and sod, In leaf and spar, in star and man, Well might the wise Athenian scan The geometric signs of God, The measured order o...Rate it:

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The Rose
Robert Southey
Nay EDITH! spare the rose!--it lives--it lives, It feels the noon-tide sun, and drinks refresh'd The dews of night; let not thy gentle hand Tear su...Rate it:

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Beauty is Within
Albertina Theresa Cameron
Beauty is within, regardless of race, culture or skin you're in You must first learn to love yourself first, Be grateful, kind and loving to know y...Rate it:

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Patience Is My Power
Ehsan Sehgal
I stand open To every person I live far from pretentious I escape from such plays What I feel and imagine I write that The exact thought Since I ho...Rate it:

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Your Destination
Ehsan Sehgal
Are you proud of anything, you have Or you are a silent, shy person By your nature That both are critical conditions The first one damages you; hu...Rate it:

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Mazhun Idris
Artists cross chanceful desires From expecting endorsement To craving credits To competing for awards You have to cross border To know your borders...Rate it:

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A Monumental Column
John Webster

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A Solemn thing within the Soul
Emily Dickinson
A Solemn thing within the Soul To feel itself get ripe— And golden hang—while farther up— The Maker's Ladders stop— And in the Orchard far below— Y...Rate it:

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William Ernest Henley
Thin-legged, thin-chested, slight unspeakably, Neat-footed and weak-fingered: in his face - Lean, large-boned, curved of beak, and touched with rac...Rate it:

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Kurt Philip Behm
Dangerous hunt, critical thoughts Words set the trap, —truth to be caught (Villanova Pennsylvania: May, 2017)Rate it:

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Censor Literarum
Ambrose Bierce
So, Parson Stebbins, you've released your chin To say that here, and here, we press-folk ail. 'Tis a great thing an editor to skin And hang his fau...Rate it:

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Cliche Came Out of its Cage
Clive Staples Lewis
You said 'The world is going back to Paganism'. Oh bright Vision! I saw our dynasty in the bar of the House Spill from their tumblers a libation ...Rate it:

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Don't Give A Flying Fart
Mario William Vitale
Don't Give A Flying Fart you get pulled over and have no seat belt on don't give a flying fart you wake up late for school and you don&#...Rate it:

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Dr. Critic Killjoy
Mario William Vitale
kick a poet down before he or she is dead look at all their grammatical errors & failures never look at the beauty inside think of wrecking the...Rate it:

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Emily, John, James, and I
William Schwenck Gilbert
EMILY JANE was a nursery maid, JAMES was a bold Life Guard, JOHN was a constable, poorly paid (And I am a doggerel bard). A very good girl was EMI...Rate it:

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Epistle To A Young Friend
Robert Burns
I lang hae thought, my youthfu' friend, A something to have sent you, Tho' it should serve nae ither end Than just a kind momento: But how the ...Rate it:

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Gavril Romanovich Derzhavin
O Thou, who's infinite in space, Alive in ever-moving matter, Eternal in the flow of time, God faceless, with a trinity of faces! Soul unified and ...Rate it:

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William Schwenck Gilbert
Haunted? Ay, in a social way By a body of ghosts in dread array; But no conventional spectres they - Appalling, grim, and tricky: I quail at mine ...Rate it:

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