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Corrected News
Ambrose Bierce
'T was a maiden lady (the newspapers say) Pious and prim and a bit gone-gray. She slept like an angel, holy and white, Till ten o' the clock in the...Rate it:

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News to the king, good news for all
Augusta Davies Webster
'NEWS to the king, good news for all,' The corn is trodden, the river runs red. 'News of the battle,' the heralds call, 'We have won the field; we ...Rate it:

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The Moralizer Corrected. A Tale
William Cowper
A hermit (or if ‘chance you hold That title now too trite and old), A man, once young, who lived retired As hermit could have well desired, His hou...Rate it:

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How They Brought The Good News From Ghent To Aix
Robert Browning
I. I sprang to the stirrup, and Joris, and he; I galloped, Dirck galloped, we galloped all three; ``Good speed!'' cried the watch, as the gate-bol...Rate it:

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The Only News I know
Emily Dickinson
The Only News I know Is Bulletins all Day From Immortality. The Only Shows I see— Tomorrow and Today— Perchance Eternity— The Only One I meet Is ...Rate it:

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London Types: News Boy
William Ernest Henley
Take any station, pavement, circus, corner, Where men their styles of print may call or choose, And there-ten times more on it than Jack Horner- ...Rate it:

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Have You News of my Boy Jack?
Rudyard Kipling
'Have you news of my boy Jack?' Not this tide. 'When d'you think that he'll come back?' Not with this wind blowing, and this tide. 'Has anyone else...Rate it:

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Like Flowers, that heard the news of Dews
Emily Dickinson
Like Flowers, that heard the news of Dews, But never deemed the dripping prize Awaited their—low Brows— Or Bees—that thought the Summer's name Some...Rate it:

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Lines in Reply to the Beautiful Poet Who Welcomed News of McGonagall's Departure from Dundee
William Topaz McGonagall
Dear Johnny, I return my thanks to you; But more than thanks is your due For publishing the scurrilous poetry about me Leaving the Ancient City of ...Rate it:

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No News From The War
Augusta Davies Webster
I.— At The Camp. 'IS she sitting in the meadow Where the brook leaps to the mill, Leaning low against the poplar, Dreamily and still? Now, with j...Rate it:

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The News
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Whut dat you whisperin' keepin' f'om me? Don't shut me out 'cause I 's ol' an' can't see. Somep'n's gone wrong dat 's a-causin' you dread,-- Don't ...Rate it:

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What News
Walter Savage Landor
Here, ever since you went abroad, If there be change, no change I see, I only walk our wonted road, The road is only walkt by me. Yes; I forgot; a...Rate it:

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News For The Delphic Oracle
William Butler Yeats
THERE all the golden codgers lay, There the silver dew, And the great water sighed for love, And the wind sighed too. Man-picker Niamh leant and si...Rate it:

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An Epistle. Desiring The Queen's Picture, But Left Unfinished, By The Sudden News Of Her Majesty's Death
Matthew Prior
The train of equipage and pomp of state, The shining sideboard and the burnish'd plate, Let other ministers, great Anne, require, And partial fall ...Rate it:

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Breaking The News
Joseph Furphy
Johnny's drowned — here's his clo'es Where he's got to, we dunno; Sure enough, he never rose; So we thought we'd let you know. Gosh! the fright...Rate it:

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Good Tidings; Or News From The Farm
Robert Bloomfield
Where's the Blind Child, so admirably fair, With guileless dimples, and with flaxen hair That waves in ev'ry breeze? he's often seen Beside yon cot...Rate it:

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Lines Written At Norwich On The First News Of Peace
Amelia Opie
What means that wild and joyful cry? Why do yon crowds in mean attire Throw thus their ragged arms on high? In want what can such joy inspire? ...Rate it:

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Lines Written On Hearing The News Of The Death Of Napoleon
Percy Bysshe Shelley
What! alive and so bold, O Earth? Art thou not overbold? What! leapest thou forth as of old In the light of thy morning mirth, The last of the floc...Rate it:

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News Item
Dorothy Parker
Men seldom make passes At girls who wear glasses. Rate it:

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News of War
Henry Kendall
Today, while yet the rumour filled the street, I left your faces troubled with the thought Of brothers to a bodeful fury wrought; And, hurrying ...Rate it:

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On Hearing The News From Venice
George Meredith
(The Death Of Robert Browning) Now dumb is he who waked the world to speak, And voiceless hangs the world beside his bier. Our words are sobs, our ...Rate it:

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On Receiving News of the War
Isaac Rosenberg
Snow is a strange white word. No ice or frost Has asked of bud or bird For Winter's cost. Yet ice and frost and snow From earth to sky This Summer...Rate it:

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Thought Of Ph---a At News Of Her Death
Thomas Hardy
NOT a line of her writing have I, Not a thread of her hair, No mark of her late time as dame in her dwelling, whereby I may pi...Rate it:

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The war Widow
Alfred Noyes
I. Black-veiled, black-gowned, she rides in bus and train, With eyes that fill too listlessly for tears. Her waxen hands clasp and unclasp again. ...Rate it:

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Edinburgh After Flodden
William Edmondstoune Aytoun
I. News of battle!-news of battle! Hark! 'tis ringing down the street: And the archways and the pavement Bear the clang of hurrying feet. News of ...Rate it:

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