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Au clos de notre amour, l'été se continue
Emile Verhaeren
Au clos de notre amour, l'été se continue : Un paon d'or, là-bas, traverse une avenue ; Des pétales pavoisent - Perles, émeraudes, turquoises - L'u...Rate it:

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I Continue To Dream
Langston Hughes
say you don't. Either way it doesn't matter. I continue to dream.Rate it:

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An Ode To A Lady. She Refusing To Continue A Dispute With Me, And Leaving Me In The Argument
Matthew Prior
Spare, generous victor, spare the slave, Who did unequal war pursue; That more than triumph he might have, In being overcome by you. In the disp...Rate it:

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Chamberlain Falls
Kurt Philip Behm
and back on dry land, Chamberlain Falls will continue to pull —and Armageddon will continue tRate it:

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Homage To Sextus Propertius - I
Ezra Pound
? Out-weariers of Apollo will, as we know, continue their Martian generalities, We have kept our eRate it:

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To Stella, Written On The Day Of Her Birth. March 13, 1723-4, But Not On The Subject, When I Was Sick In Bed
Jonathan Swift
your own heart you'll reap the fruit, Though I continue still a brute. But, when I once am out of pRate it:

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100 Holes
Nikhil Parekh
monsoon, a blend of mice, rabbit, and ant would continue to live in passionate harmony. If there Rate it:

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Jacob's Trouble
Thomas Baca II
rebellion and wickedness, your abominations continue to soar. Therefore with little warning, the waRate it:

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No Man Knows
debt that knocks unsolicited the earth will continue to turn blissfully and life continues to flRate it:

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once to autumn -- about autumn. It doesn't continue on from here... I am abandoned, one after theRate it:

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to Heaven just as my body to Earth and would continue to be beset by visions to bring before the emRate it:

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my last chance to show mercy and the Cities will continue to quietly burn. And indeed... if suchRate it:

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Mario William Vitale
in thought linger on with a song think as you continue on through velvet eyes it comes as no surprRate it:

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Recover Me
Bryan Schmidt
free Concentrating on the next right thing I'll continue to improve my life I'll be smiling at neRate it:

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The One I Was Searching For On the Earth and in Heaven
Allama Muhammad Iqbal
sitting in the litter The months of the union continue flying like moments But the moments of sepaRate it:

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To Thomas Butts
William Blake
and more, Like a sea without shore, Continue expanding, The Heavens commanding; TillRate it:

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5 Newest Pieces By Mario Vitale & Bio
Mario William Vitale
came to know the Lord that was in 1979, Today I continue to write poetry was published on SpillworRate it:

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A Brief Bio Of Mario William Vitale's Poetry
Mario William Vitale
came to know the Lord that was in 1979, Today I continue to write poetry was published on SpillworRate it:

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A Lonely Man's Dream
Mario William Vitale
be the answer Nevertheless, I think I will continue to hope and sing Even if sometimes it comes oRate it:

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A Reply To A Letter
Ambrose Bierce
lacrymation is a sign of hope, Then I'll continue, in my dreadful plight, To tread the dusky paths Rate it:

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A Satisfactory Reform
Ellis Parker Butler
burghers In that burgh upon the Rhine Still continue their great mission, And still swallow seas ofRate it:

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A Song of a Young Lady to Her Ancient Lover
Lord John Wilmot
grow old, Aching, shaking, crazy cold; But still continue as thou art, Ancient Person of my heart. Rate it:

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A Tavern feast
Thomas Parnell
song For tho the friendship may be dear It cant continue long. Rate it:

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Geoffrey Chaucer
I seide erst, thou ground of oure substaunce, Continue on us thi pitous eyen cleere! Moises, that Rate it:

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An Eastern Tale
David John Scott
like the matron old; And should they still continue to increase, You'll beat the model mother of olRate it:

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