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Content, To My Dearest Lucasia
Katherine Philips
Content, the false World's best disguise, The search and faction of the Wise, Is so abstruse and hid in night, That, like that Fairy Red-cross K...Rate it:

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Friendship's Mystery, To my Dearest Lucasia
Katherine Philips
. COme, my Lucasia, since we see That Miracles Mens faith do move, By wonder and by prodigy To the dull angry world let's prove Th...Rate it:

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Dearest, dearest
Lesbia Harford
Dearest, dearest, Bother the slow hours That hold and keep me From the leafy bowers You make more lovely than a storm of flowers. Dearest, dea...Rate it:

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Orinda To Lucasia Parting October 1661 At London
Katherine Philips
Adieu dear object of my Love's excess, And with thee all my hopes of happiness, With the same fervent and unchanged heart Which did it's whole self...Rate it:

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To My Excellent Lucasia, On Our Friendship
Katherine Philips
I did not live until this time Crown'd my felicity, When I could say without a crime, I am not thine, but thee. This carcass breath'd, and walkt,...Rate it:

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Dearest, this one day we own
Augusta Davies Webster
DEAREST, this one day we own, Stolen from the crowd and press, Let it be sweet silence's. We two, heart in heart, alone; Any speech were less. We ...Rate it:

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Love, Dearest Lady, Such As I Would Speak
Thomas Hood
Love, dearest Lady, such as I would speak, Lives not within the humor of the eye;— Not being but an outward phantasy, That skims the surface of ...Rate it:

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My Dearest Frank, I Wish You Joy
Jane Austen
My dearest Frank, I wish you joy Of Mary's safety with a Boy, Whose birth has given little pain Compared with that of Mary Jane.-- May he a growing...Rate it:

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When I am dead, my dearest
Christina Georgina Rossetti
When I am dead, my dearest, Sing no sad songs for me; Plant thou no roses at my head, Nor shady cypress tree: Be the green grass above me With show...Rate it:

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When, Dearest, I But Think of Thee
Sir John Suckling
When, dearest I but think of thee, Methinks all things that lovely be Are present, and my soul delighted: For beauties that from worth arise Are li...Rate it:

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When, Dearest, I But Think On Thee
Owen Felltham
When, dearest, I but think on thee, Methinks all things that lovely be Are present, and my soul delighted: For beauties that from worth ...Rate it:

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Lucasta Paying Her Obsequies To The Chast Memory Of My Dearest Cosin Mrs. Bowes Barne[s]
Richard Lovelace
I. See! what an undisturbed teare She weepes for her last sleepe; But, viewing her, straight wak'd a Star, She weepes that she did weepe. ...Rate it:

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Sweet Content
Thomas Dekker
ART thou poor, yet hast thou golden slumbers? O sweet content! Art thou rich, yet is thy mind perplex'd? O punishment! Dost thou laugh to...Rate it:

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On Content
Thomas Parnell
Grant heav'n that I may chuse my bliss If you design me worldly Happiness Tis not Honour thats but air Glory has but fancied light Fame as oft spea...Rate it:

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Ambition And Content: A Fable
Mark Akenside
“ Optat quietem.” —Hor . While yet the world was young, and men were few, Nor lurking fraud, nor tyrant rapine knew, In virtue rude, the gaudy art...Rate it:

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Sweet are the Thoughts that Savour of Content
Robert Greene
Sweet are the thoughts that savour of content; The quiet mind is richer than a crown; Sweet are the nights in careless slumber spent; ...Rate it:

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Are You Content?
William Butler Yeats
I CALL on those that call me son, Grandson, or great-grandson, On uncles, aunts, great-uncles or great-aunts, To judge what I have done. Have I, th...Rate it:

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Content Written Off Ithaca
Alfred Austin
I could not find the little maid Content, So out I rushed, and sought her far and wide; But not where Pleasure each new fancy tried, Heading the ma...Rate it:

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Robert Herrick
HERE, Here I live with what my board Can with the smallest cost afford; Though ne'er so mean the viands be, They well content my Prue and me: Or pe...Rate it:

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Stephen Crane
A youth in apparel that glittered Went to walk in a grim forest. There he met an assassin Attired all in garb of old days; He, scowling through...Rate it:

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Happy Is England! I Could Be Content
John Keats
Happy is England! I could be content To see no other verdure than its own; To feel no other breezes than are blown Through its tall woods with high...Rate it:

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She's happy, with a new Content
Emily Dickinson
She's happy, with a new Content— That feels to her—like Sacrament— She's busy—with an altered Care— As just apprenticed to the Air— She's tearful—...Rate it:

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Addiction (Explicit Content)
Jesse Cochran
Motherfucker! You have the biggest fucking addiction and you never fucking admit it! Talking shit directly to us about it leads to a broken jaw! Fu...Rate it:

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Henry Vaughan
PEACE, peace ! I know 'twas brave ; But this coarse fleece, I shelter in, is slave To no such piece. When...Rate it:

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Content and Rich
Robert Southwell
I dwell in Grace's court, Enriched with Virtue's rights; Faith guides my wit, Love leads my will, Hope all my mind delights. In lowly vales I moun...Rate it:

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