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Constance Hately
Edgar Lee Masters
You praise my self-sacrifice, Spoon River, In rearing Irene and Mary, Orphans of my older sister! And you censure Irene and Mary For their cont...Rate it:

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Lady Constance
Sydney Thompson Dobell
My Love, my Lord, I think the toil of glorious day is done. I see thee leaning on thy jewelled sword, And a light-hearted child of France Is dancin...Rate it:

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The Amorous Courtesan
La Fontaine
was the name this youth had got; The nymph's was Constance, that LOVE'S arrow shot: Though he was mRate it:

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The Sorcerer: Act I
William Schwenck Gilbert
to Alexis Mrs. Partlet, a Pew-Opener Constance, her Daughter Chorus of Villagers ACT I --Rate it:

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The Sorcerer: Act II
William Schwenck Gilbert
to Alexis Mrs. Partlet, a Pew-Opener Constance, her Daughter Chorus of Villagers (Twelve houRate it:

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Bid McCrae
Alice Guerin Crist
peace bid’s wild and reckless brood; And so, at Constance Halloran’s side, on first communion day, Rate it:

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Sed Non Satiata (Unslakeable Lust)
Charles Baudelaire
enfant des noirs minuits, Je préfère au constance, à l'opium, au nuits, L'élixir de ta bouche où lRate it:

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Ami, Chez Nos Francois
Andre Marie de Chenier
finir un seul ouvrage. Mais quoi! cette constance est un pénible ennui. 'Eh bien! nous lirez-vous qRate it:

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Comme Un Dernier Rayon
Andre Marie de Chenier
trop vécu. Quelle franchise auguste, De mâle constance et d'honneur Quels exemples sacrés doux à lRate it:

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Helas, si tu me vois constant en inconstance
Jean Antoine de Baif
Helas, si tu me vois constant en inconstance Et changer de propos et muer de visage, Comme le flot d'amour me reculle ou m'avance ; Helas, si tu m...Rate it:

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Quand sur moi je jette les yeux
Mathurin Regnier
Enfin, que dois-je devenir ? Où se réduira ma constance ? Étant jà défailli de coeur, Qui me doRate it:

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The Death Of Huss
Alfred Austin
In the streets of Constance was heard the shout, ``Masters! bring the arch-heretic out!'' The stake had been planted, the faggots spread, And the t...Rate it:

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The Garment Of Good Ladies
Robert Henryson
should be perfyt. Her kirtle should be of clear Constance, Lasit with lesum love , The maillies ofRate it:

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Henry Howard
is not his kind ; Nor true love cannot lese The constance of the mind. Yet as soon shall the fire WRate it:

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The Regiment of Princes
Thomas Hoccleve
balance, For wel I woot that hir brotil constance A wight no whyle souffre can sojourne In o plyRate it:

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