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Carl Sandburg
and answered: “O Hell!” The jaws of death began clicking and they go on clicking. “O Hell!” Rate it:

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Nobody Nose
was all just some buzzing noise Some huffing and clicking of the tongue In order to bring himself tRate it:

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The Spanish Dancer
Rainer Maria Rilke
the long naked arms uncoil, aroused and clicking. And then: as if the fire were too tight around hRate it:

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The Happiest Man in England
William Henry Ogilvie
of the stars, And there his good horse waited, clicking rings and bridle-bars. The happiest man iRate it:

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An answer to Various Bards
Andrew Barton Paterson
dawning of the day, And the shear-blades were a-clicking to the cry of "Wool away!" Then his facRate it:

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Communication Behaviors
Xiaoyuan Yin
the labyrinth of the ear. The telegraph keeps clicking, while nobody is sitting around. The iridesRate it:

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Sydney Thompson Dobell
single bleat far from the famished fold; The clicking of an embered hearth and cold; The rainy RobiRate it:

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Doggedly Blind
Nikhil Parekh
the enchanting night in mystical shimmer; clicking him from every angle in inexorable adulation, Rate it:

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Friday Afternoon
James Whitcomb Riley
'Friday Afternoon.' We seem to hear the clicking Of the pencil and the pen, And the solemn, ceaselRate it:

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In a Southern Garden
Dorothea Mackeller
WHEN the tall bamboos are clicking to the restless little breeze, And bats begin their jerky skimming flight, And the creamy scented blossoms...Rate it:

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Lola Ridge
Nasal intonations of light and clicking tongues… publicity of windows stoning me with pent-up cries… smells of abattoirs… smells of long-dead meat....Rate it:

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Llewellyn and the Tree
Edwin Arlington Robinson
few to doubt him; And so, through frost and clicking leaves, The Tilbury way went on without him. Rate it:

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Amy Lowell
of wheels. An officer gallops up with his sabre clicking; a mameluke gallops down with his charger Rate it:

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Modern Love XVI: In Our Old Shipwrecked Days
George Meredith
slackly, we beheld the red chasm grow Among the clicking coals. Our library-bower That eve was leftRate it:

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Lola Ridge
JAGUAR Nasal intonations of light and clicking tongues… publicity of windows stoning me with pent-up cries… smells of abattoirs… smells of long-de...Rate it:

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Nightmare Number Three
Stephen Vincent Benet
how could it walk upstairs? But it was upstairs, Clicking and mumbling in the Senate Chamber. They Rate it:

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Omnipotent Almighty
Nikhil Parekh
feet, He didn't need a flurry of photographers clicking him umpteenth times in a single minute; tRate it:

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Prelude to an Evening
John Crowe Ransom
will metronome Your gallant fear; the needles clicking, The heels detonating the stair's cavern FrRate it:

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Taking His Chance
Henry Lawson
of the Queen. Then came from the darkness the clicking of locks; The crack of the rifles was hearRate it:

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The Broken Men
Rudyard Kipling
-- Till twilight brings the land-wind To the clicking jalousies. Day long the diamond weather, Rate it:

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The Sermon in the Stocking
Anonymous Americas
the fire's light As in and out they go, With the clicking music that grandma loves Shaping the stocRate it:

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The Wicket Cricket Critic
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
another stunt, when sprung, Call for clicking of the tongue, Should a cricket critic critically clRate it:

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