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Saša Milivojev
A circle of fairies enraptured When a soul dreamed the word I was drawn by a fairy’s hair Infinity smells like her In my yearning I was lost The ci...Rate it:

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Circle and Square
Edwin Muir
‘I give you half of me; No more, lest I should make A ground for perjury. For your sake, for my sake, Half will you take?’ ‘Half I’ll not tak...Rate it:

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circle of mine
gavin campbell
so I travel to work a while and back a circle is formed from house to work I wear a track like Earth round Sun I run chase my tail and earn a cog ...Rate it:

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For “The Wine Of Circle” By Edward Burne Jones
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
DUSK-HAIRED and gold-robed o'er the golden wine She stoops, wherein, distilled of death and shame, Sink the black drops; while, lit with fragrant f...Rate it:

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Joni's Circle Game
Kurt Philip Behm
The older I get the more I know, everything starts as a prayer The older I get the more I’m indebted to a voice that I can share The older I get ...Rate it:

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Life's A Complete Circle.
Nikhil Parekh
The best of the most invincibly fragrant heavens or the worst of the most pathetically deteriorating of hells; were an infinite kilometers too far ...Rate it:

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On A Circle
Jonathan Swift
I'm up and down, and round about, Yet all the world can't find me out; Though hundreds have employ'd their leisure, They never yet could find my me...Rate it:

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Once The Circle Breaks Out
Kurt Philip Behm
Do we wait for tomorrow, as we wait for today Do we see a connection, false wishes to pray Do we draw from the past, as the circle is spun ...Rate it:

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The Circle Closes
Kurt Philip Behm
Happy endings, the folly of youth The aged alone to portend Distance a comfort, expiration afar Reality mostly pretend Death as a concept, cor...Rate it:

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The Circle Is Closed
Kurt Philip Behm
As in all beginnings no matter how small, —lies implicit the end As night to follow, days promise is kept, —and the circle is closed ...Rate it:

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The Circle Of Nature
Friedrich Schiller
All, thou gentle one, lies embraced in thy kingdom; the graybeard Back to the days of his youth, childish and child-like, returns. Rate it:

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The Circle Unbroken
Kurt Philip Behm
So far from where I started, I wrote my final words And found a stream to fill the well, with verses left unheard My last line most important, le...Rate it:

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The Eternal Circle
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Now, a visitor from somewhere right outside this Mundane Ball Do not ask me where he came from, for that point's not clear at all; For he might ha...Rate it:

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Zero Circle
Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
Be helpless, dumbfounded, Unable to say yes or no. Then a stretcher will come from grace To gather us up. We are too dull-eyed to see that beauty ...Rate it:

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