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Ciel Brouillé (Cloudy Sky)
Charles Baudelaire
On dirait ton regard d'une vapeur couvert; Ton oeil mystérieux (est-il bleu, gris ou vert?) Alternativement tendre, rêveur, cruel, Réfléchit l'indo...Rate it:

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Cloudy Day
Kenneth R. Jenkins
Gray clouds Casting skies Painted over blue skies Looking like suddenly rain But I think God had other plans. Somewhere in His big brain He m...Rate it:

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Senlin: His Cloudy Destiny
Conrad Potter Aiken
Senlin sat before us and we heard him. He smoked his pipe before us and we saw him. Was he small, with reddish hair, Did he light his pipe with ...Rate it:

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Le Ciel
Maurice Rollinat
Le Ciel est le palais des Âmes Et des bonheurs éternisés : Là, joignant ses doigts irisés, La Vierge prie avec ses dames. Les Esprits y fondent le...Rate it:

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Tout le parfait dont le ciel nous honore
Joachim du Bellay
Tout le parfait dont le ciel nous honore, Tout l'imparfait qui naît dessous les cieux, Tout ce qui paît nos esprits et nos yeux, Et tout cela qui n...Rate it:

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Ballade de l'arc-en-ciel
Maurice Rollinat
La végétation, les marais et le sol Ont fini d’éponger les larmes de la pluie ; L’insecte reparaît, l’oiseau reprend son vol Vers l’arbre échevelé ...Rate it:

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Ce n'est pas sans propos qu'en vous le ciel a mis
Joachim du Bellay
Ce n'est pas sans propos qu'en vous le ciel a mis Tant de beautés d'esprit et de beautés de face, Tant de royal honneur et de royale grâce, Et qu...Rate it:

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Le ciel en nuit, s'est déplié
Emile Verhaeren
Le ciel en nuit, s'est déplié Et la lune semble v eiller Sur le silence endormi. Tout est si pur et clair, Tout est si pur et si pâle dans l'air E...Rate it:

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Quand le ciel étoilé couvre notre demeure
Emile Verhaeren
Quand le ciel étoilé couvre notre demeure Nous nous taisons durant des heures Devant son feu intense et doux Pour nous sentir, plus fervemment, ému...Rate it:

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Deux voix dans le ciel
Victor Marie Hugo
(extrait) Le bleu matin dorait l'herbe dans les fossés ; Les froids tombeaux, devant le porche de l'église, Dormaient. Au coin du bois Pierre renc...Rate it:

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When I Saw The Sun Rising In The Sky
Nikhil Parekh
When I saw the sun rising in the sky; I felt waves of unparalleled enchantment circumvent my persona, When I saw the sun rising in the sky; nasce...Rate it:

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Trees Against The Sky
Robert William Service
Pines against the sky, Pluming the purple hill; Pines . . . and I wonder why, Heart, you quicken and thrill? Wistful heart of a boy, Fill with a st...Rate it:

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If the Sky Fell?
Leslie Alexis
If the sky fell Then we would All go to hell. We would be trapped In darkness, and Our world would be reckless. If the sky fell Then our su...Rate it:

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The Lofty Sky
Edward Thomas
To-day I want the sky, The tops of the high hills, Above the last man's house, His hedges, and his cows, Where, if I will, I look Down even on shee...Rate it:

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Pine-Trees and the Sky: Evening
Rupert Brooke
I'd watched the sorrow of the evening sky, And smelt the sea, and earth, and the warm clover, And heard the waves, and the seagull's mocking cry. ...Rate it:

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Across The Red Sky
Katherine Mansfield
Across the red sky two birds flying, Flying with drooping wings. Silent and solitary their ominous flight. All day the triumphant sun with yellow b...Rate it:

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Gum Is The Sky
Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev
Glum is the sky, by night imprisoned, As over it the dark clouds creep, Not menacing or wistful is it, But plunged in dreary, torpid sleep. Alone t...Rate it:

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A Boat beneath a Sunny Sky
Lewis Carroll
A BOAT beneath a sunny sky, Lingering onward dreamily In an evening of July -- Children three that nestle near, Eager eye and willing ear, ...Rate it:

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Angels Of The Sky
Nikhil Parekh
They floated like inflated gas balloons, bounced to and fro between the earth and sky, leapt from amazing height of the castle tower, drowned de...Rate it:

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Hark the sky-lark in the cloud
Augusta Davies Webster
HARK the sky-lark in the cloud, Hark the cricket in the grass, Trilling blitheness clear and loud, Chirping glee to all who pass. Oh, the merry sum...Rate it:

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Like a star, booming in the sky
Joseph Mark Ippolito
Nae spirit child could e’er say wi’ such Buddha brevity, Daddy, I can’t believe I’m real Like a star, booming in the sky...Rate it:

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The Sky-Lark
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
THE Sky-lark, when the dews of morn Hang tremulous on flower and thorn, And violets round his nest exhale Their fragrance on the early gale, To ...Rate it:

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To a Sky-Lark
William Wordsworth
Up with me! up with me into the clouds! For thy song, Lark, is strong; Up with me, up with me into the clouds! Singing, singing, With clouds and sk...Rate it:

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Upon Observing The Springtime Sky
Liam Ó Comáin
Old memories tug at my heart Bringing a tear rush to each eye As I think of you upon observing The springtime sky. Down memory lane I tread, Ther...Rate it:

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Oh fair enough are sky and plain
Alfred Edward Housman
Oh fair enough are sky and plain, But I know fairer far: Those are as beautiful again That in the water are; The pools and rivers wash so clea...Rate it:

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