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The Great Yellow River Inundation in China
William Topaz McGonagall
of September, Which many people of Honan, in China, will long remember; Especially those that surviRate it:

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Ballades III - Of Blue China
Andrew Lang
’T is to gloat on the glaze and the mark Of china that ’s ancient and blue; Unchipp’d, all thRate it:

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A Glimpse Of China
Francis William Lauderdale Adams
I In a Sampan (Min River, Fo Kien) Up in the misty morning, Up past the gardened hills, With the rhythmic stroke of the rowers, While the blue deep...Rate it:

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China 1899
Arthur Henry Adams
She lies, a grave disdain all her defence, Too imperturbable for scorn. She hears Only the murmur of the flowing years That thunder slowly on he...Rate it:

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Georgie Sails To-Morrow!
Henry Clay Work
bids me ev'ry joy resign: My Georgie sails for China seas tomorrow, And he knows not yet that he iRate it:

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Johnsonian Address
James Brunton Stephens
with extensive view “Survey mankind from China to Peru”— (And whence—permit me in parenthesis To asRate it:

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Marriott Edgar
eggs that sold best Were them as came over from China He were vexed, but in no ways depressed. FoRate it:

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By The Old Pagoda Anchorage [1926]
Cicely Fox Smith
her on for London River with her chests of China tea! By the old Pagoda Anchorage (it's many a yeaRate it:

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Monascus red, Rose Laevigae Micchx Brown
Xiaoyuan Yin
in the Confucian court ritual music of ancient China. It consisted of a wooden box (which was oftenRate it:

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A Song of Rain
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Because a little vagrant wind veered south from China Sea; Or else, because a sun-spot stirred; and yet again, maybe Because some idle god in play ...Rate it:

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Rudyard Kipling
An' the dawn comes up like thunder outer China 'crost the Bay! 'Er petticoat was yaller an' 'eRate it:

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Pantoum for the Dancing Cranes
Marieta Maglas
the light, their movement is sweet and slow. In China, this dance is done by the man. They are Rate it:

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By The Old Pagoda Anchorage [1924]
Cicely Fox Smith
her on for London River with her chests of China tea! By the old Pagoda Anchorage (it's many a yeaRate it:

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Chingery Wangery Chan
Louisa May Alcott
'In China there lived a little man, His name was Chingery Wangery Chan.' 'His legs were short, his feet were small, And this little man could not ...Rate it:

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Jose Asuncion Silva
es absolutamente igual al Emperador de la China: los dos son el mismo animal. Juan Lanas cubre Rate it:

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Mistress Gurton's Cat
Mary Darby Robinson
disdain, Fear'd not Ambition's certain fall! Old China broke, or scratch'd her Dame And brought domRate it:

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Preparatory Meditations - Second Series: 143
Edward Taylor
lights each room? When we behold a piece of China clay Formed up into a China dish complete, All sRate it:

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Sarnat, a Boodh Monument
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
extend over Ceylon, Thibet, Tonquin, Cochin China, throughout China, exists largely in Japan, and iRate it:

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Though All The Fates
Henry David Thoreau
Manilla twine, Or in her hold Madeira wine, Or China teas, or Spanish hides, In port or quarantine Rate it:

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A Proadway Pageant
Walt Whitman
four winding and far-flowing rivers of China, Rate it:

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Robert Louis Stevenson
in the bazaar;-- Where the Great Wall round China goes, And on one side the desert blows, And wiRate it:

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Alan Parry-Booth
argument was banned They’d buy the coal from China now We’d have to understand. As weeks went by oRate it:

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Lead Soldiers
Amy Lowell
fire snaps pleasantly, and the old Chinaman nods - nods. The fire makes the red rose in his hand glRate it:

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A Song Of Parting
Edith Nesbit
my life eternally!' She laughed--my pretty china shepherdess, Kissed her white hand towards the wRate it:

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Moesta et Errabunda (Grieving and Wandering)
Charles Baudelaire
pleasures, Is it farther off now than India and China? Can one call it back with plaintive cries,Rate it:

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