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Carl Sandburg
The young child, Christ, is straight and wise And asks questions of the old men, questions Found under running water for all children And found ...Rate it:

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First Child... Second Child
Ogden Nash
FIRST Be it a girl, or one of the boys, It is scarlet all over its avoirdupois, It is red, it is boiled; could the obstetrician Have possibly been...Rate it:

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Child, Child
Sara Teasdale
Child, child, love while you can The voice and the eyes and the soul of a man; Never fear though it break your heart -- Out of the wound new joy wi...Rate it:

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Robert Herrick
Go, pretty child, and bear this flower Unto thy little Saviour; And tell him, by that bud now blown, He is the Rose of Sharon known. When thou hast...Rate it:

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A Child Screening A Dove From A Hawk. By Stewardson
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
AY, screen thy favourite dove, fair child, Ay, screen it if you may,-- Yet I misdoubt thy trembling hand Will scare the hawk away. That dove will ...Rate it:

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A Child's Amaze
Walt Whitman
SILENT and amazed, even when a little boy, I remember I heard the preacher every Sunday put God in his statements, As contending...Rate it:

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A Child's Hair
William Watson
A letter from abroad. I tear Its sheathing open, unaware What treasure gleams within; and there- Like bird from cage- Flutters a curl of golden hai...Rate it:

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A Child's Nightmare
Robert Graves
Through long nursery nights he stood By my bed unwearying, Loomed gigantic, formless, queer, Purring in my haunted ear That same hideous nightmare ...Rate it:

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A Fatherless Child
Kevin Ryan Murray
You made me, you left me, you never even cared I was your second child and you still weren't prepared On the lonely nights was i was sad I found m...Rate it:

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I'd Love To Be A Fairy's Child
Robert Graves
Children born of fairy stock Never need for shirt or frock, Never want for food or fire, Always get their hearts desire: Jingle pockets full of gol...Rate it:

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I'm Still Just a Child
Franz Werfel
O Lord, tear me to pieces. I'm still just a child. And dare to sing And call upon you And tell you about things: We are. I open my mouth Be...Rate it:

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The Angel And The Child. (From Jean Reboul, The Baker Of Nismes)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
An angel with a radiant face, Above a cradle bent to look, Seemed his own image there to trace, As in the waters of a brook. 'Dear child! who ...Rate it:

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Verses To A Child
Anne Brontë
1 O raise those eyes to me again And smile again so joyously, And fear not, love; it was not pain Nor grief that drew these tears from me; Be...Rate it:

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A child said, What is the grass?
Walt Whitman
A child said, What is the grass? fetching it to me with full hands; How could I answer the child?. . . .I do not know what it is any more than he...Rate it:

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A Child
William Ernest Henley
A child, Curious and innocent, Slips from his Nurse, and rejoicing Loses himself in the Fair. Thro' the jostle and din Wandering, he revels, Dream...Rate it:

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A Child's Evening Prayer
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Ere on my bed my limbs I lay, God grant me grace my prayers to say: O God! preserve my mother dear In strength and health for many a year; And, O! ...Rate it:

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A Child's Grace
Robert Herrick
HERE a little child I stand Heaving up my either hand; Cold as paddocks though they be, Here I lift them up to Thee, For a benison to fall On ...Rate it:

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A Letter to Lady Margaret Cavendish Holles-Harley, when a Child
Matthew Prior
MY noble, lovely, little Peggy, Let this my First Epistle beg ye, At dawn of morn, and close of even, To lift your heart and hands to Heaven. I...Rate it:

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Buried Child
Michael Medlen
A forgotten child is like an echo Lost in the reverberations Calling home softly they return Never quite gone nor quite there As slowly they dissol...Rate it:

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To A Child Dancing In The Wind
William Butler Yeats
DANCE there upon the shore; What need have you to care For wind or water's roar? And tumble out your hair That the salt drops have wet; Being young...Rate it:

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A Child For Freedom
Thomas C Henshaw
A child have I for the family tree A child have I sitting on my knee A child have I tall and straight A child have I to love and appreciate A chi...Rate it:

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Answer To A Child's Question
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Do you ask what the birds say? The sparrow, the dove, The linnet, and thrush say, 'I love and I love!' In the winter they're silent, the wind is so...Rate it:

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Mother, I May Have Been A Naughty Child
Kazi Nazrul Islam
Mother, I may have been a naughty child, But I am your child nevertheless! You own the world, mother, you are the queen of the world, And look at ...Rate it:

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Not A Child
Algernon Charles Swinburne
'Not a child: I call myself a boy,' Says my king, with accent stern yet mild, Now nine years have brought him change of joy; 'Not a child.' How...Rate it:

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Child's Song in Spring
Edith Nesbit
The Silver Birch is a dainty lady, She wears a satin gown; The elm tree makes the old churchyard shady, She will not live in town. The English...Rate it:

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