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LaLa Land
Kurt Philip Behm
Disappear into your smart phone the world outside is doomed Your few remaining human traits have long since left the room Disappear into your...Rate it:

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The Anti-Socialist
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
'Tis morn. An individualistic cock Proclaims the fact. The dissipated cat sneaks home forlorn. 'Tis time to get up and act! 'Tis eight o'clock! The...Rate it:

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The rest is history
Robert Curran
-- Rest it is A long rest from my troubles Seemed to be the thing That got into me this spring First, the car needed fixing Then it was the kids Th...Rate it:

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Inside Out
Mario Willi Vitale
I spit this on the mic to flow oh so prolific What's the since in believing in Christ If ur just gonna take him out of Christmas... Dish the...Rate it:

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Death Warrants
Kurt Philip Behm
collegians trod on Trapped inside their smart cellular phones, in groups, but still alone The admRate it:

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Mario William Vitale
smooth like sculpted stone Before the days of cellular phones When Jimi blew my Fosgate cones- In aRate it:

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Mario William Vitale
smooth like sculpted stone Before the days of cellular phones When Jimi blew my Fosgate cones- IRate it:

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Proclamation Without Pretension
Tristan Tzara
Art is going to sleep for a new world to be born "ART"-parrot word-replaced by DADA, PLESIOSAURUS, or handkerchief The talent THAT CAN BE LEARNED ...Rate it:

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Thomas Rhodes
Edgar Lee Masters
Very well, you liberals, And navigators into realms intellectual, You sailors through heights imaginative, Blown about by erratic currents, tumblin...Rate it:

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- love you was like a waterfall
loving you was like a waterfall fearful yet beautiful I fell into you. I came, I saw All your demons, yet feelings deepen. loving you was like ...Rate it:

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Always There
April White
You've always been there for me When I've needed you the most Even the times I felt that I didn't need you You were always close Close to my heart ...Rate it:

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Love, Be Upon You
Ehsan Sehgal
Never be alone You, Love, be upon You Wherever You are That makes, no wall You live in heartbeats That vibrate, as calling Every night's dawn, Y...Rate it:

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PAPI Mario (Reaching The Masses) flirting with fire burning it up with its fullest of desire I'm a hot wire dynamite is my friend with whom ...Rate it:

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Mohamed K. Koroma
Safety What is it anyway We say we are safe at home But we keep our guard up And stay on our own Alone I mean the evidence is shown We have our...Rate it:

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Alan Parry-Booth
LUIGI’S RING Quite suddenly, this last week-end I had to fly to Rome A city of which I’m very fond And once considered home. I’d had a call from R...Rate it:

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Brenden Pettingill
I always do what I want. As long as they are ok with it. As long as mom gave me permission and Dad is proud. Alys doesn’t matter so much but in th...Rate it:

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To Urania
Iosif Aleksandrovich Brodsky
To I.K. Everything has its limit, including sorrow. A windowpane stalls a stare. Nor does a grill abandon a leaf. One may...Rate it:

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Ralph B Edmonds
All I want to do, is. To love you, All I want to say, is, I love you, Everything in me, wants, To know you, If you want me too, Just because of wh...Rate it:

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- I Love You
- I Love you, I said. You told me to just turn it off. Why didn’t you just turn it off when you told me you loved me? Why didn’t you just turn ...Rate it:

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A Touch Of The Late Prince
Mario William Vitale
Touch Of Prince Let's Jam It's Christmas Time ! ( Touch Of Prince) surrender to the feeling discovered Lord have mercy we are going cr...Rate it:

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All You Critics Suck
Mario William Vtale
All You Critics Suck excuse me what did you fart you always got something to bitch about nothing is every good enough for you you have bitten o...Rate it:

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Janis Binning
The silence is deafening, your ears ring and roar. The phone doesn’t ring, no-one at the door.Rate it:

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Cherrylog Road
James Dickey
Off Highway 106 At Cherrylog Road I entered The ’34 Ford without wheels, Smothered in kudzu, With a seat pulled out to run Corn whiskey down f...Rate it:

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Grandfather's Divorce
Kurt Philip Behm
He never told me when he left her, I’d go through a Grandfather’s divorce The kids remote and distant all contact scant and forced My love si...Rate it:

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Hot Stuff
Mario William Vtale
in the dark of the night... beep beep... hush hush Within our world in a rush when push comes to shove we need a hug things in life get pushed...Rate it:

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