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Victor James Daley
CAMILLA calls me heartless: hence you see Logic in love has little part. How can I otherwise than heartless be Seeing Camilla has my heart? ...Rate it:

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Belphegor Addressed To Miss De Chammelay
La Fontaine
accents all engage: Beyond compare in proud Camilla's rage; Your voice and manner auditors delight;Rate it:

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Elegy I. He Arrives at His Retirement in the Country
William Shenstone
tear! Forego your Pindus, and on - plains Survey Camilla's charms, and grow sincere. But thou, my Rate it:

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Orlando Furioso Canto 20
Ludovico Ariosto
through this ample world has shone. Praised is Camilla, with Harpalice, For the fair course which tRate it:

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Sound and Sense
Alexander Pope
and the words move slow; Not so, when swift Camilla scours the plain, Flies o'er the unbending coRate it:

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Spring in Town
William Cullen Bryant
but a light step of freest grace, Light as Camilla's o'er the unbent corn, A step that speaks the sRate it:

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The Beau to the Virtuosos
William Shenstone
race, Or painted wing reward you. Fierce as Camilla, o'er the plain, Pursu'd the glittering strRate it:

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The Borough. Letter VIII: Trades
George Crabbe
Emp'ror, strong in wing and limbs: There fair Camilla takes her flight serene, Adonis blue, and PapRate it:

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To the Virtuosi
William Shenstone
the race, Or painted wing reward you. Fierce as Camilla, o'er the plain, Pursued the glittering stRate it:

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