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Came the Great Popinjay
Dame Edith Louisa Sitwell
CAME the great Popinjay Smelling his nosegay: In cages like grots The birds sang gavottes. 'Herodiade's flea Was named sweet Amanda, She danc...Rate it:

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If Christ Came Questioning
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
If Christ came questioning His world to-day, (If Christ came questioning,) 'What hast thou done to glorify thy God, Since last My feet this lowe...Rate it:

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It Was God Who Came Into My Life
Nikhil Parekh
I was just a minuscule bird perched on a single leaf; with the forest in the backdrop disastrously charred to raw ash; nobody in a million kilomete...Rate it:

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When You Came Into My Life
Nikhil Parekh
I was just a dead cubicle of ice hanging from the mountains; on the verge of breaking, with every passing draught of wind, It was only when you ca...Rate it:

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The Diverting History Of John Gilpin, Showing How He Went Farther Than He Intended, And Came Safe Home Again
William Cowper
John Gilpin was a citizen Of credit and renown, A trainband captain eke was he Of famous London town. John Gilpin’s spouse said to her dear: Thoug...Rate it:

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Jesus Came For All
Donka Kristeva
Jesus came for all, the young and the old, to answer his call no deed is too bold. For women he cared, the children he held the brave men who dare...Rate it:

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When Rody Came To Ironbark
Alice Guerin Crist
When Rody came to Ironbark, there spread a hectic glow around the little township - a dozen years ago, and the townsfolk were divided, twixt laught...Rate it:

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How The Robin Came
John Greenleaf Whittier
AN ALGONQUIN LEGEND. HAPPY young friends, sit by me, Under May's blown apple-tree, While these home-birds in and out Through the blossoms flit abo...Rate it:

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Till All the Bad Things Came Untrue
Henry Lawson
BY blacksoil plains burned grey with drought Where desert shrubs and grasses grow, Along the Land of Furthest Out That only Overlanders know. I dre...Rate it:

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‘He came unto His own, and His own received Him not’
Mary Elizabeth Coleridge
As Christ the Lord was passing by, He came, one night, to a cottage door. He came, a poor man, to the poor; He had no bed whereon to lie. ...Rate it:

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As You Came from the Holy Land
Sir Walter Raleigh
As you came from the holy land Of Walsingham, Met you not with my true love By the way as you came? 'How shall I know your true love, That have met...Rate it:

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Cliche Came Out of its Cage
Clive Staples Lewis
You said 'The world is going back to Paganism'. Oh bright Vision! I saw our dynasty in the bar of the House Spill from their tumblers a libation ...Rate it:

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Deep in thoughts of love, I came
Guido Cavalcanti
Deep in thoughts of love, I came On two young maids, One sang: ‘It rains On us, the joy of love.’ Their faces were so calm and sweet, With modesty...Rate it:

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Life Brought Me So I Came
Mohammad Ibrahim Zauq
The life brought me so I came; the death takes me away so I go Neither I came on my own nor I go with my will There may be a few gamblers as bad a...Rate it:

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The Congressmen Came Out To See Bull Run
Stephen Vincent Benet
The congressmen came out to see Bull Run, The congressmen who like free shows and spectacles. They brought their wives and carriages along, They br...Rate it:

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There came whisperings in the winds
Stephen Crane
There came whisperings in the winds: "Good-bye! Good-bye!" Little voices called in the darkness: "Good-bye! Good-bye!" Then I stretched forth m...Rate it:

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Once there came a man
Stephen Crane
Once there came a man Who said, "Range me all men of the world in rows." And instantly There was terrific clamour among the people Against bei...Rate it:

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When Tommy Came Marching Home
Edward George Dyson
Devine came back the other day. We'd planned a great home-comin'. No long trombone we had to play, No fine, heroic drummin'. With two sticks an...Rate it:

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Came a pretty maid
George Eliot
Came a pretty maid By the moon's pure light . . . Loved me well, she said, Eyes with tears all bright, A pretty maid. But too late she strayed, Mo...Rate it:

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alexis karpouzos
You came in to this world with enough light to find your way out of the dark, enough kindness to save a soul, enough love to shift a planet. Don't ...Rate it:

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Love Came Down at Christmas
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Love came down at Christmas, Love all lovely, love divine; Love was born at Christmas, Star and angels gave the sign. Worship we the Godhead, Love...Rate it:

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A Bird Came Down
Emily Dickinson
A bird came down the walk: He did not know I saw; He bit an angle-worm in halves And ate the fellow, raw. And then he drank a dew From a convenien...Rate it:

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A learned man came to me once
Stephen Crane
A learned man came to me once. He said, "I know the way, -- come." And I was overjoyed at this. Together we hastened. Soon, too soon, were we ...Rate it:

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Along The Field as We Came By
Alfred Edward Housman
ALONG the field as we came by A year ago, my love and I, The aspen over stile and stone Was talking to itself alone. ‘Oh who are these ...Rate it:

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Black Riders Came From the Sea
Stephen Crane
Black riders came from the sea. There was clang and clang of spear and shield, And clash and clash of hoof and heel, Wild shouts and the wave of...Rate it:

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