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Ode to the Cambro-Britons and their Harp, His Ballad of Agi
Michael Drayton
Fair stood the wind for France, When we our sails advance; Nor now to prove our chance Longer will tarry; But putting to the main, ...Rate it:

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Rule Britannia
James Thomson
this strain: "Rule, Britannia, rule the waves; Britons never will be slaves." The nations, not soRate it:

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Beaumont and Fletcher
Romans? Is it no more? shut up your temples, Britons, And let the husbandman redeem his heifers; PRate it:

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Mark Akenside
Sighs, Groans, (immortal Infamy!) Of fellow Britons , with Oppression sunk, In Bitterness of Soul Rate it:

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Damages, Two Hundred Pounds
William Makepeace Thackeray
a hypocrite profound. And he comes before twelve Britons, men for sense and truth renowned, To awarRate it:

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Elegy XVIII. He Repeats the Song of Colin, a Discerning Shepherd
William Shenstone
joy; By virtue rapt, by party uncontroll'd; Britons for Britain shall the crook employ; Britons forRate it:

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Eutaw Springs
Philip Freneau
by thy conquering standards, Greene, The Britons they compelled to fly: None distant viewed the fatRate it:

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National Song (E.C.)
Ezra Pound
the French have comic papers Not that nice Britons read 'em, But the bawdy little Britons Have bankRate it:

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The Columbiad: Book VI
Joel Barlow
sailing up the St. Laurence with an army of Britons and various other nations. Indignant energy of Rate it:

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Walcheren Expedition
James Henry Leigh Hunt
town and its guarded fleet Too well for Britons know; One spot alone ye conquer'd With hosts unknowRate it:

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Blue and Buff
George Canning
great Pitt; This year in woe-begone oration, To Britons paints a bankrupt nation: Resources all dilRate it:

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The Wrath Of Loyalty
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
Hail! dark October! hail! Thine is the day, to Britons dear, That bids fair Albion dry the tear; Rate it:

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A New Song to an Old Tune
William Ernest Henley
Cross and Polar Star -- Here are the Britons bred afar; Serry, O serry them, fierce and keen, UnderRate it:

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A New National Anthem
Percy Bysshe Shelley
with swift victory The steps of Liberty, Whom Britons own to be Immortal Queen. II. See, she comesRate it:

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Address, Spoken At The Opening Of Drury-Lane Theatre. Saturday, October 10, 1812
George Gordon Lord Byron
unfold Scenes not unworthy Drury's days of old! Britons our judges, Nature for our guide, Still mayRate it:

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Alf’s Ninth Bit
Ezra Pound
if the papers seldom sang his praise, The simple Britons never knew he was, Until a narsty German Rate it:

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Gilbert Keith Chesterton
other-- Her boast is freedom had by halves, And Britons never shall be Slavs. But if not hers the Rate it:

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An Apology For The Clergy,
Mary Barber
to drag Religion's Chains; Where free--born Britons, ev'ry Day, Sit down to feast, and rise to playRate it:

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An Epigram On The Same Occasion.
Mary Barber
thrown away!-- No Nation sure so rich as they. Britons, 'twere greatly for your Glory, Should thoseRate it:

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Aneurin's Harp
George Meredith
his steel: Fresh and roaring with a skinful, Britons round the hirlas reel. III Yellow flamed theRate it:

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Alfred Lord Tennyson
dash the brains of the little one out, Up my Britons, on my chariot, on my chargers, trample them uRate it:

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British War Song
Frederick George Scott
like cowards from the fray? 5 Better all Britons were dead than their glory passed away! The cRate it:

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Calthon And Colmal
James Macpherson
down by tradition thus:- In the country of the Britons, between the walls, two chiefs lived in the Rate it:

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Cavalry Charge At Balaclava
Sydney Thompson Dobell
Stranger, thou shalt say These were our common Britons. 'Tis our way In England. Aye, ye heavens! IRate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
meant a blackish white. 0, ye proud and haughty Britons, quondam rulers of the waves, Have you eveRate it:

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