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Blithe Dreams Arise To Greet Us
William Ernest Henley
Blithe dreams arise to greet us, And life feels clean and new, For the old love comes to meet us In the dawning and the dew. O'erblown with sunny s...Rate it:

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I Arise from Dreams of Thee
Percy Bysshe Shelley
I arise from dreams of thee In the first sweet sleep of night, When the winds are breathing low, And the stars are shining bright I arise from ...Rate it:

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Here Lies The Blithe Spring
Thomas Dekker
HERE lies the blithe Spring, Who first taught birds to sing, Yet in April herself fell a-crying: Then May growing hot, A sweating sickness she ...Rate it:

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This that would greet—an hour ago
Emily Dickinson
This that would greet—an hour ago— Is quaintest Distance—now— Had it a Guest from Paradise— Nor glow, would it, nor bow— Had it a notice from the ...Rate it:

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Beauty Arise
Thomas Dekker
Beauty arise, show forth thy glorious shining, Thine eyes feed love, for them he standeth pining ; Honor and youth attend to do their duty To th...Rate it:

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Deathless Principle! Arise
Augustus Montague Toplady
Deathless principle! arise; Soar, thou native of the skies; Pearl of price, by Jesus bought, To His glorious likeness wrought, Go, to shine before ...Rate it:

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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Why sit ye idly dreaming all the day, While the golden, precious hours flit away? See you not the day is waning, waning fast? That the morn's al...Rate it:

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In My dreams
Nikhil Parekh
In my dreams I climbed mount Everest barefoot; reaching the summit within flash seconds of time, While in real life my feet trembled in the snow; ...Rate it:

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When My Dreams Come True
James Whitcomb Riley
I. When my dreams come true--when my dreams come true-- Shall I lean from out my casement, in the starlight and the dew, To listen--smile and list...Rate it:

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Doubtful Dreams
Adam Lindsay Gordon
Aye, snows are rife in December, And sheaves are in August yet, And you would have me remember, And I would rather forget ; In the bloom of the May...Rate it:

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Paul Laurence Dunbar
What dreams we have and how they fly Like rosy clouds across the sky; Of wealth, of fame, of sure success, Of love that comes to cheer and bless; A...Rate it:

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Ghosts of Dreams
William Herbert Carruth
We are all of us dreamers of dreams, On visions our childhood is fed; And the heart of a child is unhaunted, it seems, By ghosts of dreams that are...Rate it:

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Dreams Old
David Herbert Lawrence
I have opened the window to warm my hands on the sill Where the sunlight soaks in the stone: the afternoon Is full of dreams, my love, the boys a...Rate it:

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Emma Lazarus
A DREAM of lilies: all the blooming earth, A garden full of fairies and of flowers; Its only music the glad cry of mirth, While the warm sun weaves...Rate it:

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Dreams in the Dusk
Carl Sandburg
Dreams in the dusk, Only dreams closing the day And with the day’s close going back To the gray things, the dark things, The far, deep things o...Rate it:

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Dreams Nascent
David Herbert Lawrence
My world is a painted fresco, where coloured shapes Of old, ineffectual lives linger blurred and warm; An endless tapestry the past has women d...Rate it:

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Houses of Dreams
Sara Teasdale
You took my empty dreams And filled them every one With tenderness and nobleness, April and the sun. The old empty dreams Where my thoughts wou...Rate it:

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The dreams
Eugene Field
Two dreams came down to earth one night From the realm of mist and dew; One was a dream of the old, old days, And one was a dream of the new. On...Rate it:

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Dreaming is a part of life. Everyone dreams, but does it actually happen? Most dreams just fade away and don't come back to mind until you have one...Rate it:

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India Of My Dreams
Komal Vasudeva
Where there will be efforts, too Not only daydreams That India will surely be The India of My dreams Where commoners will be able To buy bread, bu...Rate it:

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Ah My Dreams
Ehsan Sehgal
I dreamed a dream Such as that dreams Which stay only the dreams However, I still dream that dreams Since life is a dream itself I will also depart...Rate it:

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Henry Timrod
Who first said "false as dreams?" Not one who saw Into the wild and wondrous world they sway; No thinker who hath read their mystic law; No ...Rate it:

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Only Dreams
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
A maiden sat in teh sunset glow Of the shadowy, beautiful Long Ago, That we see through a mist of tears. She sat and dreamed, with lips apart, W...Rate it:

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From Dewy Dreams
James Joyce
From dewy dreams, my soul, arise, From love's deep slumber and from death, For lo! the treees are full of sighs Whose leaves the morn admonishet...Rate it:

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Edgar Allan Poe
Oh! that my young life were a lasting dream! My spirit not awakening, till the beam Of an Eternity should bring the morrow. Yes! tho' t...Rate it:

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