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Before the War
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
git dim. 'That was,' she sighs, 'that was me blackest day. 'Me blackest day! Wot am I sayin' now?Rate it:

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An Ode in Blessed Memory
Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov
breathe, Let all the world's expanses groan, Let blackest smoke obscure the light Moldavan peaks beRate it:

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What the Coal-Heaver Said
Vachel Lindsay
all can see the blast, We shovel in our blackest griefs, Upon that grate are cast Our aching burdenRate it:

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The Story of Mongrel Grey
Andrew Barton Paterson
Picking the safest and shortest track -- The blackest darkness was clear to him. Did he strike tRate it:

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Harry Crosby
world's despair. Within my soul you've set your blackest flag And made my disillusioned heart your Rate it:

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After The Storm
Boris Pasternak
shades of sky are growing lighter, Beyond the blackest cloud the height is blue. An artist's hand,Rate it:

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Al Claro De Luna (In The Light Of The Moon)
Delmira Agustini
light, things taking on white, And even the blackest souls become uncertainly bright. Rate it:

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Amor Mundi
Christina Georgina Rossetti
heaven where grey cloud-flakes are seven, Where blackest clouds hang riven just at the rainy skirt?Rate it:

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Andy's Gone With Cattle
Henry Lawson
round the place When Fortune frowns her blackest? Oh, who shall cheek the squatter now When Rate it:

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Astrophel and Stella: I
Sir Philip Sidney
obtain,-- I sought fit words to paint the blackest face of woe; Studying inventions fine heRate it:

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Ballade: Du Concours De Blois
François Villon
who can make me believe A white swan is the blackest crow I've known: Who thinks he's power to helpRate it:

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Black on the Depths
Christopher John Brennan
Black on the depths of blackest skies whence even the levin seems withdrawn, the cities threaten: burning eyes ask what dread hand hath slain th...Rate it:

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Both The Hands Of My Creator
Nikhil Parekh
appalling sight to confront with even in the blackest of night, Even if the entire world thought Rate it:

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By the Camp Fire
Ada Cambridge
near, enclasp me,— sharply pencilled there, Like blackest sea-waves,—outlined here, like phantoms iRate it:

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Certain Maxims of Hafiz
Rudyard Kipling
there be trouble to Herward, and a lie of the blackest can clear, Lie, while thy lips can move or aRate it:

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Cypher Seven [07]
Henry Lawson
men and me, Ride close round madness yonder And blackest treachery! Oh! ride round little children Rate it:

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Depose Your Finger of That Ring
Richard Lovelace
the more. Not to save others is a curse The blackest, when y'are ne're the worse. Rate it:

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Donal Campbell
William Henry Drummond
the grey eye of the Highlands, now is dark as blackest midnight, The history of their fathers is wrRate it:

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Thomas Bailey Aldrich
or mad, Or wickeder than Fannie. Fannie has the blackest hair Of any of the village girls; It doesRate it:

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Nikhil Parekh
the soil; he left me dumbfounded; clad in the blackest of attire; with a snake hood camouflaging hiRate it:

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For A Child
Harriet Monroe
birth. And when the moons were run, Through blackest night, the windy night of pain, We rose—we Rate it:

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Robert William Service
banner high, And swing my broken sword. In blackest night I glimpse a gleam, And nurse a faith sublRate it:

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From Omar Khayyam
Edward Fitzgerald
I made One--turn down an empty Glass! WITH blackest moss the flower-plots Were thickly crusteRate it:

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Gipsy Vans
Rudyard Kipling
And throw the key away. Bury it under the blackest stone Beneath your father's hearth, And keRate it:

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Gregory Parable, LL.D.
William Schwenck Gilbert
Earl (a very wicked man, Whose face bore Vice's blackest ban) Cut short the scholar's simple tale, Rate it:

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