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Hour-Glass And Bible
William Lisle Bowles
Look, Christian, on thy Bible, and that glass That sheds its sand through minutes, hours, and days, And years; it speaks not, yet, methinks, it say...Rate it:

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The Bible is an antique Volume
Emily Dickinson
The Bible is an antique Volume— Written by faded men At the suggestion of Holy Spectres— Subjects—Bethlehem- ; Eden—the ancient Homestead— Satan—th...Rate it:

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Bible Defense Of Slavery
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
Take sackcloth of the darkest dye, And shroud the pulpits round! Servants of Him that cannot lie, Sit mourning on the ground. Let holy horr...Rate it:

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On A Register For A Bible
William Strode
I am the faythfull deputy Unto your fading memory. Your Index long in search doth hold; Your folded wrinkles make books olde: But I the Scripture o...Rate it:

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On The Bible
William Strode
Behold this little volume here inrolde: 'Tis the Almighty's present to the world: Hearken earth's earth; each sencelesse thing can heare His Maker'...Rate it:

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Written For My Son, In A Bible Which Was Presented To Him.
Mary Barber
Welcome, thou sacred, solemn Guest, Who com'st to guide me to the Blest. O Fountain of eternal Truth, Thou gracious Guardian of my Youth! True Wisd...Rate it:

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The Ballad Of Salvation Bill
Robert William Service
didn't seem to fear, As he pressed his ice-bond Bible to his lips. 'Twas the limit of my trap-lineRate it:

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An Ante-Bellum Sermon
Paul Laurence Dunbar
discontent. 'Cause I is n't; I'se a-judgin' Bible people by deir ac's; I'se a-givin' you de ScriptRate it:

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A Hyde Park Larrikin
Henry Kendall
What sort of "gospel" do you preach? What "Bible" is your Bible? There's worse than wormwood inRate it:

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An Address to the Rev. George Gilfillan
William Topaz McGonagall
has also written about the Bards of the Bible, Which occupied nearly three years in which he was noRate it:

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Christian Testimony By Poet Mario William Vitale
Mario William Vitale
always read from the King James Version of the bible. Since 1989 I have written more then 1,000 poeRate it:

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Ode to Rae Wilson Esq.
Thomas Hood
sinful act— Peruse, but underneath the rose, my Bible; And love my neighbour far too well, in fact,Rate it:

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Poetry And Reality
Jane Taylor
from the deist's creed :-- Oh, he approves the Bible, thinks it true, (No matter if he ever read itRate it:

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Remarks On The Bright And Dark Side
Benjamin Tompson
a ledge of Craggy Rocks near stav'd His Bible in his bosome thrusting sav'd The Bible, the best corRate it:

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Scots of the Riverina
Henry Lawson
he burned, And he scratched his name from the Bible when the old wife's back was turned. A year Rate it:

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The Greatest Poet
Bobby Gardner
Heaven or in Hell But God gave us the Bible, To learn of His great plan, Of a love that's never enRate it:

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The Parish Register - Part I: Baptisms
George Crabbe
for Sunday's use are found; Companions for that Bible newly bound; That Bible, bought by sixpence wRate it:

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Grant Me The Serenity
Mario William Vitale
become idle I become secluded and read the bible So now I am saved and will always wear his signRate it:

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Here Is To Another Service Year!
service year! Yeah!!! Sacrifice, returns - Bible studies, the blessing is evident. Shoulder by Rate it:

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The Anti Christ Political Party.
Liam Ó Comáin
apparently placed much Emphasis on the Christian Bible but Didn’t accept the Word of Jesus when ChrRate it:

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The Cottager
John Clare
are laid, though good, in number small, His Bible first in place; from worth and age Whose grandsirRate it:

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Liam Comáin
reality which touches us all as recorded In the Bible and it pertains to the whole of existence. FoRate it:

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Did you notice the lord today?
Misty Myers
right next to you. once you pray and read the bible you’ll really get to know him. The lord will beRate it:

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A Summons
John Greenleaf Whittier
truth a lie? Torture the pages of the hallowed Bible, To sanction crime, and robbery, and blood? AnRate it:

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The Latest School
Gilbert Keith Chesterton
you see a B in Both You may take your Bible oath You are violating Belgian neutrality. Rate it:

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