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Autograph Verses
Joseph Furphy
'Prove what Life can give of gladness; Seek for aught that merits trust — All thy mirth will turn to sadness, All thy bliss to cold disgust. So...Rate it:

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An Autograph
John Greenleaf Whittier
I write my name as one, On sands by waves o'errun Or winter's frosted pane, Traces a record vain. Oblivion's blankness claims Wiser and bette...Rate it:

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An Autograph
James McIntyre
Lines written at the request of a young lady and inserted in a mental Album. We looked over the book, it was in form of questions and auswers. One ...Rate it:

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For an Autograph
James Russell Lowell
THOUGH old the thought and oft exprest, 'Tis his at last who says it best, I'll try my fortune with the rest. Life is a leaf of paper white Whe...Rate it:

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My Autograph
Susanna Strickland Moodie
What -- write my name! How vain the feeble trust, To be remembered When the hand is dust -- Grieve rather th...Rate it:

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If My Verses Had The Wings
Victor Marie Hugo
Songs as sweet as summer brings, To your flowery lawn should fly If my verses had the wings— Wings of birds that haunt the sky. Like the spark th...Rate it:

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Je Te Donne Ces Vers Afin Que Si Mon Nom (I Give You These Verses So That If My Name)
Charles Baudelaire
Je te donne ces vers afin que si mon nom Aborde heureusement aux époques lointaines, Et fait rêver un soir les cervelles humaines, Vaisseau favoris...Rate it:

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Runic Verses
George Borrow
O the force of Runic verses, O the mighty strength of song Cannot baffle all the curses Which to mortal state belong. Slaughter’d chiefs, that bur...Rate it:

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A Byzantine Nobleman In Exile Composing Verses
Constantine P. Cavafy
The frivolous can call me frivolous. I've always been most punctilious about important things. And I insist that no one knows better than I do the ...Rate it:

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All Verses Called Back
Kurt Philip Behm
Will your writing change when death comes to call, knowing it’s time for goodbye Will each word become richer, each memory dear, in the limited by...Rate it:

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Its Verses Defy
Kurt Philip Behm
Perfection and honor, concealed in the words Shame and disloyalty, rejected unheard Deep in a poem, truth’s finality hides Inhumanity cursed,...Rate it:

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Sonnet IV: These Plaintive Verses
Samuel Daniel
These plaintive verses, the Posts of my desire, Which haste for succour to her slow regard: Bear not report of any slender fire, Forging a grief...Rate it:

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These Divine Verses
Mirza Ghalib
These divine verses, As I write Are The hallowed revelations Descending From on high The sound of the scribe's pen In the stillness of the night is...Rate it:

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To a Lady who sent me a copy of verses at my going to bed
Henry King
Lady your art or wit could nere devise To shame me more then in this nights surprise. Why I am quite unready, and my eye Now winking like my can...Rate it:

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To Live Merrily, And To Trust To Good Verses
Robert Herrick
Now is the time for mirth, Nor cheek or tongue be dumb; For with the flow'ry earth The golden pomp is come. The golden pomp is come; F...Rate it:

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Robert Herrick
Now is the time for mirth; Nor cheek or tongue be dumb; For with [the] flowery earth The golden pomp is come. The golden pomp is come; For now eac...Rate it:

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Verses Deboned
Kurt Philip Behm
While listening to everyone but myself, failing to take my own advice I married the widow of dark consensus, betrothed to darkness—divorced o...Rate it:

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Verses Why Burnt
Walter Savage Landor
HOW many verses have I thrown Into the fire because the one Peculiar word, the wanted most, Was irrecoverably lost! Rate it:

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Exmoor Verses
Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch
I. VASHTI'S SONG Over the rim of the Moor, And under the starry sky, Two men came to my door And rested them thereby. Beneath the bough and the s...Rate it:

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VERSES Occasioned by a Young Lady's asking the Author, What was a Cure for Love?
Thomas Godfrey
From me, my Dear, O seek not to receive What e'en deep-read Experience cannot give. We may, indeed, from the Physician's skill Some Med'cine find t...Rate it:

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Verses To A Child
Anne Brontë
1 O raise those eyes to me again And smile again so joyously, And fear not, love; it was not pain Nor grief that drew these tears from me; Be...Rate it:

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Nonsense Verses
Arthur Clement Hilton
By Edward Leary. There was an old fellow of Peterhouse, Who said, "You could not find a neater house Than our new Combination-Room ...Rate it:

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Occasioned By Some Verses of His Grace the Duke of Buckingham
Alexander Pope
Muse, 'tis enough: at length thy labour ends, And thou shalt live, for Buckingham commends. Let Crowds and Critics now my verse assail, Let Dennis...Rate it:

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The Fairy's Quest (Verses For The Children).
William Baron
As the Fairy Queen sat on her gossamer throne That sparkled with pearls of dew, She suddenly cried to a sprite at her side- 'A mission 1 have for y...Rate it:

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Lynton Verses
Thomas Edward Brown
Sweet breeze that sett'st the summer birds a swaying, Dear lambs amid the primrose meadows playing Let me not think! O floods, upon whose brink The...Rate it:

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