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Aunt Chloe
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
. I remember, well remember, . That dark and dreadful day, . When they whispered to me, "Chloe, . Your children's sold away!" 1. It ...Rate it:

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Aunt Chloe's Politics
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
Of course, I don't know very much About these politics, But I think that some who run 'em, Do mighty ugly tricks. I've seen 'em honey-fugle round,...Rate it:

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Old Aunt Mary's
James Whitcomb Riley
Wasn't it pleasant, O brother mine, In those old days of the lost sunshine Of youth-- when the Saturday's chores were through, And the 'Sunday's wo...Rate it:

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Aunt Evangeline Approves
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
My Aunt Evangeline has come To visit Melbourne town, Garbed for its Glad Centenary In frill and festal gown. And Aunties says in mincing tones As s...Rate it:

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Aunt Imogen
Edwin Arlington Robinson
Aunt Imogen was coming, and therefore The children—Jane, Sylvester, and Young George— Were eyes and ears; for there was only one Aunt Imogen to ...Rate it:

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Edith Nesbit
NIGHT wind sighing through the poplar leaves, Trembling of the aspen, shivering of the willow, Every leafy voice of all the night-time grieves, Mou...Rate it:

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Daphnis And Chloe
Andrew Marvell
Daphnis must from Chloe part: Now is come the dismal Hour That must all his Hopes devour, All his Labour, all his Art. Nature, her own Sexes foe, ...Rate it:

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To Chloe Jealous
Matthew Prior
Dear Chloe, how blubber'd is that pretty face; Thy cheek all on fire, and thy hair all uncurl'd: Prythee quit this caprice; and (as old Falstaff sa...Rate it:

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Aunt Jane
Robert William Service
When Aunt Jane died we hunted round, And money everywhere we found. How much I do not care to say, But no death duties will we pay, And Aunt Jane w...Rate it:

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To Chloe
Eugene Field
Chloe, you shun me like a hind That, seeking vainly for her mother, Hears danger in each breath of wind, And wildly darts this way and t' other; W...Rate it:

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Advising Chloë
Franklin P. Adams
Horace: Book I, Ode 23 "Vitas hinnuleo me similis, Chloë--" Why shun me, my Chloë? Nor pistol nor bowie Is mine with intention to kill. And yet...Rate it:

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To Chloe, Courting Her For His Friend
Richard Lovelace
I. Chloe, behold! againe I bowe: Againe possest, againe I woe; From my heat hath taken fire Damas, noble youth, and fries, Gazing with one of...Rate it:

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Goodbye to my Beloved Aunt
Jesus Penaranda
Goodbye to my Beloved Aunt Tell me how you are? Share if you can what it is like when one crosses-over. Let the wind be your words. The sun be you...Rate it:

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Translation Of Prior's Chloe And Euphelia
William Cowper
Mercator, vigiles oculos ut fallere possit, Nomine sub ficto trans mare mittit opes; Lenè sonat liquidumque meis Euphelia chordis, Sed solam exopta...Rate it:

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R.I.P. Aunt Tammy
Angelina Sabia
Dear Aunt Tammy I know your in a better place now but it is still hard. The last time I have seen you was at your grave and i can't get over it. ...Rate it:

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Written On The Day Of My Aunt's Funeral
Charles Lamb
Thou too art dead, ---! very kind Hast thou been to me in my childish days, Thou best good creature. I have not forgot How thou didst love thy Char...Rate it:

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Aunt Dorothy's Lecture
Ada Cambridge
Come, go and practise—get your work— Do something, Nelly, pray. I hate to see you moon about In this uncertain way! Why do you look so vacant, chil...Rate it:

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Daphnis and Chloe
Haniel Long
You found it difficult to woo— so do we who follow you. Everyone would like to mate; Everyone has had to wait. So much beauty, so much burning! B...Rate it:

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On My Aunt Mrs. A. K.
Anne Killigrew
Drown'd under London-bridge, in the Queens Bardge, Anno 1641 The Darling of a Father Good and Wise, The Vertue, which a Vertuous Age did prize; Th...Rate it:

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To Chloe Weeping
Matthew Prior
See, whilst Thou weep'st, fair Cloe, see The World in Sympathy with Thee. The chearful Birds no longer sing, Each drops his Head, and hangs his Win...Rate it:

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The Growth of Sym
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Now Sym was a Glug; and 'tis mentioned so That the tale reads perfectly plain as we go. In his veins ran blood of that stupid race Of docile folk, ...Rate it:

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Recollections Of A Faded Beauty
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
AH! I remember when I was a girl How my hair naturally used to curl, And how my aunt four yards of net would pucker, And call the odious thing, ...Rate it:

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The Question to Lisetta
Matthew Prior
WHAT nymph should I admire or trust, But Chloe beauteous, Chloe just? What nymph should I desire to see, But her who leaves the plain for me? T...Rate it:

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Ninth Ode of the Third Book of Horace
James Clerk Maxwell
Horace. While I was your beloved one, And while no other youth threw his fond arms around Your white neck so easily, Than the King of the world I ...Rate it:

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Matthew Prior
THE merchant, to secure his treasure, Conveys it in a borrow'd name: Euphelia serves to grace my measure; But Chloe is my real flame. My...Rate it:

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