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Two Kinds of Intelligence
Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
There are two kinds of intelligence: one acquired, as a child in school memorizes facts and concepts from books and from what the teacher says, col...Rate it:

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O Intelligence Moving The Third Heaven
Dante Alighieri
O Intelligences moving the third heaven, the reasons heed that from my heart come forth, so new, it seems, that no one else should know. The heaven...Rate it:

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Sonnet XVII. Composed On A Journey Homeward; The Author Having Received Intelligence Of The Birth Of A Son
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Oft o'er my brain does that strange fancy roll Which makes the present (while the flash dost last) Seem a mere semblance of some unknown past, Mixe...Rate it:

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Kurt Philip Behm
Raw Intelligence… Like dry Cement Sitting unmixed Never used To make Anything Real Raw Intelligence… A flashing Neon light To its own Potent...Rate it:

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Electric Light
James McIntyre
When the great Bulwer's pen did trace The history of the coming race His hero to us he hath unfurled The glories of his new found world. This bo...Rate it:

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The World In The House
Jane Taylor
PILGRIMS who journey in the narrow way, Should go as little cumbered as they may. 'Tis heavy sailing with a freighted ship ; 'Tis pleasant travelli...Rate it:

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Letitia Elizabeth Landon
OH lone and lovely solitude, Washed by the sounding sea ! Nature was in a poet's mood, When she created thee. How pleasant in the hour of noon To ...Rate it:

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Ch 01 Manner of Kings Story 15
Sa di
A vezier, who had been removed from his post, entered the circle of dervishes and the blessing of their society took such effect upon him that he b...Rate it:

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100 Holes
Nikhil Parekh
If there were a 100 holes in the dry ground, small rivulets of water would get accumulated after seasonal spells of monsoon, a blend of mice, rab...Rate it:

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The Rebel
Henry Lawson
Call me traitor to my country and a rebel to my God. And the foe of “law and order”, well deserving of the rod, But I scorn the biassed sentence fr...Rate it:

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John Fletcher
To give a stronger testimony of love Than sickly promises (which commonly In princes find both birth and burial In one breath), we have drawn yo...Rate it:

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A Ballad of Ducks
Andrew Barton Paterson
The railway rattled and roared and swung With jolting and bumping trucks. The sun, like a billiard red ball, hung In the Western sky: and the ti...Rate it:

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A Beautiful Young Nymph Going To Bed
Jonathan Swift
Corinna, Pride of Drury-Lane, For whom no Shepherd sighs in vain; Never did Covent Garden boast So bright a batter'd, strolling Toast; No drunken R...Rate it:

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A Bush Study, A La Watteau
Arthur Patchett Martin
HE. See the smoke-wreaths how they curl so lightly skyward From the ivied cottage nestled in the trees: Such a lovely spot—I really feel that I wou...Rate it:

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A Comparison
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
A pretty, rainbow sort of life enough ; Filled up with vanities and gay caprice : Such life is like the garden at Versailles, Where all is artif...Rate it:

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A Voice From The Factories
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
WHEN fallen man from Paradise was driven, Forth to a world of labour, death, and care; Still, of his native Eden, bounteous Heaven Resolved one ...Rate it:

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Bereaved of all, I went abroad
Emily Dickinson
Bereaved of all, I went abroad— No less bereaved was I Upon a New Peninsula— The Grave preceded me— Obtained my Lodgings, ere myself— And when I s...Rate it:

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Cleo Patra
Looking through past eyes Wondered why I walk hand in hand with glass innocent love Your mouth was full of honey-words dripped into my tropical-h...Rate it:

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John Donne
ALLOPHANES. UNSEASONABLE man, statue of ice, What could to countries solitude entice Thee, in this year's cold and decrepit time ? Nature's i...Rate it:

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Hero and Leander: The First Sestiad
Christopher Marlowe
On Hellespont, guilty of true-love's blood, In view and opposite two cities stood, Sea-borderers, disjoined by Neptune's might; The one Abydos, th...Rate it:

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I Was Looking A Long While
Walt Whitman
I WAS looking a long while for a clue to the history of the past for myself, and for these chants--and now I have found it; It is n...Rate it:

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Italian Music In Dakota
Walt Whitman
THROUGH the soft evening air enwrinding all, Rocks, woods, fort, cannon, pacing sentries, endless wilds, In dulcet streams, in flutes' and co...Rate it:

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Arthur Symons
I. PROEM. This was a sweet white wildwood violet I found among the painted slips that grow Where, under hot-house glass, the flowers forget How the...Rate it:

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Lord Nevil's Advice
Ada Cambridge
“Friend,” quoth Lord Nevil, “thou art young To face the world, and thou art blind To subtle ways of womankind; The meshes thou wilt fall among. “T...Rate it:

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Of Coloured Glass
Constantine P. Cavafy
I am very moved by one detail in the coronation at Vlachernai of John Kantakuzinos and Irini, daughter of Andronikos Asan. Because they had only a ...Rate it:

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