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Apples of Hesperides
Amy Lowell
Glinting golden through the trees, Apples of Hesperides! Through the moon-pierced warp of night Shoot pale shafts of yellow light, Swaying to t...Rate it:

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Apples And Water
Robert Graves
Dust in a cloud, blinding weather, Drums that rattle and roar! A mother and daughter stood together Beside their cottage door. 'Mother, the heaven...Rate it:

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Dried Apples
James McIntyre
We fear to say, and yet we must, Dried apples once were full of dust, And you all know it is no joke. Saturate with tobacco smoke, And the hole whe...Rate it:

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Thomas Bailey Aldrich
If thy soul, Herrick, dwelt with me, This is what my songs would be: Hints of our sea-breezes, blent With odors from the Orient; Indian vessels...Rate it:

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To The Author Of 'Hesperides
William Allingham
Hayrick some do spell thy name, And thy verse approves the same; For 'tis like fresh-scented hay,-- With country lasses in't at play. Rate it:

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Give Your Heart To The Hawks
Robinson Jeffers
1 he apples hung until a wind at the equinox, That heaped the beach with black weed, filled the dry grass Under the old trees with rosy fruit. ...Rate it:

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After Apple Picking
Robert Frost
My long two-pointed ladder's sticking through a tree Toward heaven still. And there's a barrel that I didn't fill Beside it, and there may be tw...Rate it:

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Algernon Charles Swinburne
THERE WERE four apples on the bough, Half gold half red, that one might know The blood was ripe inside the core; The colour of the leaves was more ...Rate it:

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Pity For Poor Africans
William Cowper
I own I am shocked at the purchase of slaves, And fear those who buy them and sell them are knaves; What I hear of their hardships, their tortures...Rate it:

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The Barefoot Boy
John Greenleaf Whittier
slopes beyond, Mine, on bending orchard trees, Apples of Hesperides! Still as my horizon grew, LargRate it:

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Maui Victor
Johannes Carl Andersen
stone and ivory, immortal made. The golden apples of Hesperides Shall never, scattered, in bloRate it:

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Pan in Vermont
Rudyard Kipling
About the 15th of this month you may expectour Mr. -- , with the usual Spring Seed, etc., Catalogues.– Florist’s Announcement. It’s forty in the ...Rate it:

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Ultima Thule: Dedication to G. W. G.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
With favoring winds, o'er sunlit seas, We sailed for the Hesperides, The land where golden apples grow; But that, ah! that was long ago...Rate it:

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An Apple-Gathering
Christina Georgina Rossetti
I plucked pink blossoms from mine apple tree And wore them all that evening in my hair: Then in due season when I went to see I found no apples the...Rate it:

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Ballad of Another Ophelia
David Herbert Lawrence
Oh the green glimmer of apples in the orchard, Lamps in a wash of rain! Oh the wet walk of my brown hen through the stackyard, Oh tears on the wi...Rate it:

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Goblin Market
Christina Georgina Rossetti
MORNING and evening Maids heard the goblins cry: "Come buy our orchard fruits, Come buy, come buy: Apples and quinces, Lemons and oranges, Plump un...Rate it:

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On Promising Fruitfulness of a Tree
John Bunyan
A comely sight indeed it is to see A world of blossoms on an apple-tree: Yet far more comely would this tree appear, If all its dainty blooms young...Rate it:

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Paris Day By Day: A Family Epistle
Richard Le Gallienne
(TO MRS. HENRY HARLAND) Paris, half Angel, half Grisette, I would that I were with thee yet, Where the long boulevard at even Stretches its starry...Rate it:

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De Hortis Julii Martialis
Robert Louis Stevenson
MY Martial owns a garden, famed to please, Beyond the glades of the Hesperides; Along Janiculum lies the chosen block Where the cool grottos trench...Rate it:

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Endimion and Phoebe (excerpts)
Michael Drayton
In Ionia whence sprang old poets' fame, From whom that sea did first derive her name, The blessed bed whereon the Muses lay, Beauty of Gre...Rate it:

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In The Harbour: The Poet's Calendar
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
JANUARY Janus am I; oldest of potentates; Forward I look, and backward, and below I count, as god of avenues and gates, The years that through my...Rate it:

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Ma Race
Emile Verhaeren
Je suis le fils de cette race Dont les cerveaux plus que les dents Sont solides et sont ardents Et sont voraces. Je suis le fils de cette race ...Rate it:

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My Lost Youth
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Often I think of the beautiful town That is seated by the sea; Often in thought go up and down The pleasant streets of that dear old town, And my y...Rate it:

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George Meredith
I Cannon his name, Cannon his voice, he came. Who heard of him heard shaken hills, An earth at quake, to quiet stamped; Who looked on him beheld t...Rate it:

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On The Terrace Of The Aigalades. (From The French Of Méry)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
From this high portal, where upsprings The rose to touch our hands in play, We at a glance behold three things-- The Sea, the Town, and the High...Rate it:

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