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Amid The Roses
John Bannister Tabb
light of heart as they. There were sighs amid the Roses, For the night was coming on; And the chilRate it:

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Who Goes Amid the Green Wood
James Joyce
Who goes amid the green wood With springtide all adorning her? Who goes amid the merry green wood To make it merrier? Who passes in the sunlig...Rate it:

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A Lady red—amid the Hill
Emily Dickinson
A Lady red—amid the Hill Her annual secret keeps! A Lady white, within the Field In placid Lily sleeps! The tidy Breezes, with their Brooms— Sweep...Rate it:

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Roses crimson, roses white
Alfred Austin
`Roses crimson, roses white, Deadly pale or lovely blushing, Both in love with May at sight, And their maiden blood is rushing To and fro in hope t...Rate it:

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Roses In Madrid
Isabella Valancy Crawford
Roses, Senors, roses! Love is subtly hid In the fragrant roses, Blown in gay Madrid. Roses, Senors, roses! Look, look, look, and see Love hanging i...Rate it:

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A Song Of Roses
Virna Sheard
'Tis time to sing of roses: of roses all ablow, To every vagrant passing breeze they dip a courtesy low, 'Tis time to sing of roses! for June is he...Rate it:

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A Bunch of Roses
Andrew Barton Paterson
Roses ruddy and roses white, What are the joys that my heart discloses? Sitting alone in the fading light Memories come to me here tonight With...Rate it:

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Roses de juin, vous les plus belles
Emile Verhaeren
Roses de juin, vous les plus belles, Avec vos coeurs de soleil transpercés ; Roses violentes et tranquilles, et telles Qu'un vol léger d'oiseaux su...Rate it:

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Asking for Roses
Robert Frost
A house that lacks, seemingly, mistress and master, With doors that none but the wind ever closes, Its floor all littered with glass and with pla...Rate it:

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London Roses
Willa Sibert Cather
'ROWSES, Rowses! Penny a bunch!' they tell you-- Slattern girls in Trafalgar, eager to sell you. Roses, roses, red in the Kensington sun, Holland R...Rate it:

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Paul Laurence Dunbar
Oh, wind of the spring-time, oh, free wind of May, When blossoms and bird-song are rife; Oh, joy for the season, and joy for the day, That gave me ...Rate it:

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Amongst the Roses
Henry Kendall
I walked through a Forest, beneath the hot noon, On Etheline calling and calling! One said: “She will hear you and come to you soon, When the co...Rate it:

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Blue Roses
Rudyard Kipling
Roses red and roses white Plucked I for my love's delight. She would none of all my posies-- Bade me gather her blue roses. Half the world I wande...Rate it:

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Les Roses de Sâdi
Andrew Lang
This morning I vowed I would bring thee my roses, They were thrust in the band that my bodice encloses; But the breast-knots were broken, the ros...Rate it:

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Les Visions roses
Maurice Rollinat
Corolles et boutons de roses, La fraise et la mousse des bois Mettent le désir aux abois Au fond des cœurs les plus moroses ! Qui rappelle certain...Rate it:

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Only Roses
William Schwenck Gilbert
To a garden full of posies Cometh one to gather flowers; And he wanders through its bowers Toying with the wanton roses, Who, uprising from their b...Rate it:

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Rose of roses and flower of flowers,
Alfonso X El Sabio
1. Rose of beauty and fine appearance And flower of happiness and pleasure, lady of most merciful bearing, And Lord for relieving all woes and ...Rate it:

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Merretta D.L. Parry-Booth
ROSES. Look at roses when oppressed By weariness or grief Look at roses and restore Spent hope and lost belief. In the meaning of this life And t...Rate it:

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Lady, when I behold the roses sprouting
John Wilbye
Lady, when I behold the roses sprouting, Which clad in damask mantles deck the arbours, And then behold your lips, where sweet Love harbours, My...Rate it:

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George Eliot
You love the roses - so do I. I wish The sky would rain down roses, as they rain From off the shaken bush. Why will it not? Then all the valley wou...Rate it:

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Chanson (Proscrit, regarde les roses...)
Victor Marie Hugo
Proscrit, regarde les roses ; Mai joyeux, de l'aube en pleurs Les reçoit toutes écloses ; Proscrit, regarde les fleurs. - Je pense Aux roses que j...Rate it:

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Christmas Roses
Edith Nesbit
THE summer roses all are gone-- Dead, laid in shroud of rain-wet mould; And passion's lightning time is done, And Love is laid out white and col...Rate it:

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Sur un chapelet de roses du Bembe
Joachim du Bellay
Tu m'as fait un chapeau de roses Qui semblent tes deux lèvres closes, Et de lis fraîchement cueillis Qui semblent tes beaux doigts polis, Les l...Rate it:

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The Four Roses
John Crowe Ransom
Four sisters sitting in one house, I said, these roses on a stem With bosoms bare. But wayfaring I went and ravished one of them. So one was take...Rate it:

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Time of Roses
Thomas Hood
It was not in the Winter Our loving lot was cast; It was the time of roses— We pluck'd them as we pass'd! That churlish season n...Rate it:

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