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Alexander And Lycon
Coventry Patmore
‘What, no crown won, These two whole years, By man of fortitude beyond his peers, In Thrace or Macedon?’ ‘No, none. But what deep trouble does my ...Rate it:

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Alexander And Zenobia
Anne Brontë
Fair was the evening and brightly the sun Was shining on desert and grove, Sweet were the breezes and balmy the flowers And cloudle...Rate it:

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Alexander Jannaios And Alexandra
Constantine P. Cavafy
Full of their success, thoroughly satisfied, King Alexander Jannaios and his wife Queen Alexandra move through the streets of Jerusalem with musici...Rate it:

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Alexander And Phillip
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
HE stood by the river's side A conqueror and a king, None match'd his step of pride Amid the armed ring. And a heavy echo rose from the ground, As ...Rate it:

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The Third Monarchy, being the Grecian, beginning under Alexander the Great in the 112. Olympiad.
Anne Bradstreet
Great Alexander was wise Philips son, He to Amyntas, Kings of Macedon; The cruel proud Olympias was his Mother, She to Epirus warlike King was daug...Rate it:

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An EPISTLE from Alexander to Hephaestion In His Sickness
Anne Kingsmill Finch
WITH such a Pulse, with such disorder'd Veins, Such lab'ring Breath, as thy Disease constrains; With failing Eyes, that scarce the Light endure, ...Rate it:

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Walter de la Mare
It was the Great Alexander, Capped with a golden helm, Sate in the ages, in his floating ship, In a dead calm. Voices of sea-maids singing Wa...Rate it:

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I'm not saying anything against Alexander
Bertolt Brecht
Timur, I hear, took the trouble to conquer the earth. I don't understand him. With a bit of hard liquor you can forget the earth. I'm not saying a...Rate it:

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Alexander's Feast; Or, The Power Of Music
John Dryden
'Twas at the royal feast for Persia won By Philip's warlike son— Aloft in awful state The godlike hero sate On his imperial throne; His valiant pe...Rate it:

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To Alexander Pope, Esq.
Mary Barber
Shall for the Man of Ross thy Lyre be strung, And sleeps illustrious Thanet yet unsung? Since to distinguish Merit is thy Care, Let Thanet in thy d...Rate it:

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Verses, Supposed To Be Written By Alexander Selkirk During His Solitary Abode In The Island Of Juan Fernandez
William Cowper
I am monarch of all I survey; My right there is none to dispute; From the centre all round to the sea I am lord of the fowl and the brute O Sol...Rate it:

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Alexander VI Dines with the Cardinal of Capua
Stephen Vincent Benet
Next, then, the peacock, gilt With all its feathers. Look, what gorgeous dyes Flow in the eyes! And how deep, lustrous greens are splashed and s...Rate it:

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To Alexander Berkman
Lola Ridge
Can you see me, Sasha? I can see you…. A tentacle of the vast dawn is resting on your face that floats as though detached in a sultry and g...Rate it:

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Alexander By Thebes
Anna Akhmatova
I think, the king was fierce, though young, When he proclaimed, 'You’ll level Thebes with ground.' And the old chief perceived this city proud, He’...Rate it:

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Alexander Crummell--Dead
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Back to the breast of thy mother, Child of the earth! E'en her caress can not smother What thou hast done. Follow the trail of the westering sun Ov...Rate it:

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Alexander Throckmorton
Edgar Lee Masters
In youth my wings were strong and tireless, But I did not know the mountains. In age I knew the mountains But my weary wings could not follow my vi...Rate it:

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Czar Alexander The Second
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
FROM him did forty million serfs, endow'd Each with six feet of death-due soil, receive Rich freeborn lifelong land, whereon to sheave Their countr...Rate it:

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The Favour of Alexander Valas
Constantine P. Cavafy
I'm not in the least put out that my chariot wheel broke and I lost that silly race. I'll drink great wines the whole night, lying among lovely ros...Rate it:

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To A Gentleman And Lady On The Death Of The Lady's Brother And Sister, And A Child Of The Name Of Avis, Aged One Year
Phillis Wheatley
ON Death's domain intent I fix my eyes, Where human nature in vast ruin lies: With pensive mind I search the drear abode, Where the great conqu'ror...Rate it:

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Bruadar And Smith And Glinn
Douglas Hyde
Bruadar and Smith and Glinn, Amen, dear God, I pray, May they lie low in waves of woe, And tortures slow each day! Amen! Bruadar and Smith an...Rate it:

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The Young Rat And His Dam, The Cock And The Cat
Anne Kingsmill Finch
No Cautions of a Matron, Old and Sage, Young Rattlehead to Prudence cou'd engage; But forth the Offspring of her Bed wou'd go, Nor reason gave, ...Rate it:

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The Triumphs Of Philamore And Amoret. To The Noblest Of Our Youth And Best Of Friends, Charles Cotton, Esquire. Being At Berisford, At His House In Straffordshire. From London. A Poem
Richard Lovelace
Sir, your sad absence I complain, as earth Her long-hid spring, that gave her verdures birth, Who now her cheerful aromatick head Shrinks in her co...Rate it:

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Book Thirteenth [Imagination And Taste, How Impaired And Restored Concluded]
William Wordsworth
FROM Nature doth emotion come, and moods Of calmness equally are Nature's gift: This is her glory; these two attributes Are sister horns that const...Rate it:

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Commit This Sin. Again And Again And Again.
Nikhil Parekh
O! Yes. Entirely and Unstoppably passionate was I. After the inscrutably teasing tresses in your ravishing hair; which inevitably compelled my fing...Rate it:

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Yesterday, To-day, and For Ever: Book IV. - The Creation of Angels and of Men
Edward Henry Bickersteth
O tears, ye rivulets that flow profuse Forth from the fountains of perennial love, Love, sympathy, and sorrow, those pure springs Welling in secret...Rate it:

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