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Achill Girl's Song
Padraic Colum
FROM THE IRISH I’d bring you these for dowry A field from heather free, White sheep upon the mountain, And calves that follow me. I saw you by th...Rate it:

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A Girl Sang a Song
Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Blok
A girl sang a song in the temple's chorus, About men, tired in alien lands, About the ships that left native shores, And all who forgot their jo...Rate it:

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A Girl's Song
Katharine Tynan
The Meuse and Marne have little waves; The slender poplars o'er them lean. One day they will forget the graves That give the grass its living green...Rate it:

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Girl's Song
William Butler Yeats
I went out alone To sing a song or two, My fancy on a man, And you know who. Another came in sight That on a stick relied To hold himself upright;...Rate it:

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Roman Girl's Song
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
Rome, Rome! thou art no more As thou hast been! On thy seven hills of yore Thou satst a queen. Thou hadst thy triumphs then Purpling the street, ...Rate it:

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The Hindoo Girl’s Song
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Float on—float on—my haunted bark, Above the midnight tide; Bear softly o'er the waters dark The hopes that with thee glide. Float on—flo...Rate it:

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A Maori Girl's Song
Alfred Domett
"Alas, and well-a-day! they are talking of me still: By the tingling of my nostril, I fear they are talking ill; Poor hapless I -- poor little I ...Rate it:

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Song Of A Mad Girl, Whose Lover Has Died At Sea
Sydney Thompson Dobell
Under the green white blue of this and that and the other, That and the other, and that and the other, for ever and ever, Under the up and down and...Rate it:

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Song of the Little White Girl
Katherine Mansfield
Cabbage tree, cabbage tree, what is the matter? Why are you shaking so? Why do you chatter? Because it is just a white baby you see, And it's the ...Rate it:

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The Little Girl's Song
Sydney Thompson Dobell
Do not mind my crying, Papa, I am not crying for pain. Do not mind my shaking, Papa, I am not shaking with fear; Tho' the wild wild wind is bideous...Rate it:

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When I Was A Young Girl
Margaret Widdemer
(A Song of Old Ballads) WHEN I was a young girl, all in a green arbor, When I was a young girl in Springtimes gone by All the long days I went sin...Rate it:

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Find Me A Girl?
Nikhil Parekh
Find me a girl in today's world; who loves you solely for your amazingly bohemian behavior; without the tiniest of slang or ostentation adorning yo...Rate it:

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Joy O' Pateng
Gorgeous girl, who is it to blame Anonymous girl, who knows her name Saddened girl, who makes her cry Blind girl, who can't love anymore Lonely gir...Rate it:

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Except The girl
Nikhil Parekh
The mesmerizing tunes of the voluptuous nightingale; were heard by everybody, But the tunes which emanated from my breath; were heard by none; exc...Rate it:

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The Girl Whom I Called My Beloved
Nikhil Parekh
The blood which flowed incessantly through my body; was that of my revered mother, While the entity who propelled it to circulate more passionate...Rate it:

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Jim's Girl
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
''Oo is that girl,' sez Digger Smith, That never seems to bother with No blokes: the bint with curly 'air? I've often seen 'er over there Talkin' t...Rate it:

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The Girl I Left Behind Me
Edward George Dyson
I said: “I leave my bit of land- In khaki they've entwined me, I go abroad to lend a hand.” Said she: “My love, I understand. I will be true, a...Rate it:

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His Gippsland Girl
William Henry Ogilvie
Now, money was scarce and work was slack And love to his heart Crept in, And he rode away on the Northern track To war with the world an...Rate it:

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James Whitcomb Riley
I'm twins, I guess, 'cause my Ma say I'm two little girls. An' one o' me Is _Good_ little girl; an' th'other 'n' she Is _Bad little girl as she can...Rate it:

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The Girl I Left Behind Me
Henry Kendall
With sweet Regret — (the dearest thing that Yesterday has left us) — We often turn our homeless eyes to scenes whence Fate has reft us. Here sittin...Rate it:

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O’Grady’s Little Girl
Alice Guerin Crist
Her hair was dark and curly, floatin’ to the saddle bow, Her laugh was frank and girlish, and her voice was sweet and low; When I was one-and-twent...Rate it:

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The Girl Martyr
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
Upon his sculptured judgment throne the Roman Ruler sate; His glittering minions stood around in all their gorgeous state; But proud as were the no...Rate it:

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The Girl Of The U.S.A.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Oh! the maidens of France are certainly fine, And I think every fellow will state That the 'what-you-may-call-it' coiffured way They put up their h...Rate it:

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The Servant Girl Justified
La Fontaine
BOCCACE alone is not my only source; T'another shop I now shall have recourse; Though, certainly, this famed Italian wit Has many stories for my pu...Rate it:

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The Leader and the Bad Girl
Henry Lawson
Because he had sinned and suffered, because he loved the land, And because of his wonderful sympathy, he held men’s hearts in his hand. Born and br...Rate it:

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