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Absolutely Clear
Shams al-Din Hafiz
so soft, My voice So tender, My need of God Absolutely Clear. Rate it:

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you and Earth. In another world by now I had absolutely no chance of determining whether Jerusalem Rate it:

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violates the rules of the Art of Writing with absolutely no trace of Humanism mocking everyone withRate it:

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Poetic Review of THE CULT OF INFORMATION of Theodore Roszak
Mohammad Badri
is extremely dynamic to contain, It seems absolutely terrifying to maintain. Summer was uneasy as aRate it:

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The Box
Lascelles Abercrombie
at all. All it takes is wisdom, and I'm absolutely sure That we can get it back into the box,And Rate it:

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The Plain
Jean Arp
The plain was flawlessly paved. Nothing, absolutely nothing but the chair and I were there. TRate it:

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Yesterday's Beauty Queen
Sonia Walker
and hours of standing, waving and looking absolutely gorgeous to the curious crowds. Yesterday's bRate it:

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Catria Kirby
you complete control. For you there was absolutely nothing that I wouldn't do. Blinded myself to thRate it:

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Harry Crosby
laws of the Sky. Second, I give and bequeath absolutely to my wife, the Moon, four octrillion centRate it:

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My Handicap Beach
Buffy Sammons
and look out the window from our hotel at the absolutely amazing view.. It makes me wonder how someRate it:

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Canine Conversation
Robert William Service
she's seen, Your reputation would, I fear, As absolutely disappear As would a snowball dropped in hRate it:

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A Canary At The Farm
James Whitcomb Riley
a cat; And the twitter o' the critter 'Pears to absolutely glitter! Guess I'll haf to go and git heRate it:

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After the Golden Wedding (Three Soliloquies)
James Kenneth Stephen
marriage: I'll show towards you, if I can, And absolutely wifely carriage. The months or years whiRate it:

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Barely Disfigured
Paul Eluard
in the eyes that I love You are not poverty absolutely Since the poorest of lips denounce you Ah wiRate it:

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Nikhil Parekh
permeated the cradle of the atmosphere; with absolutely no hindrance to grow; at an hour always pasRate it:

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Chain Of Pearls
Rabindranath Tagore
give or to withhold them. But this my sorrow is absolutely mine own, and when I bring it to thee Rate it:

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Nikhil Parekh
pack of soggy cards. The flames on ground; had absolutely no entity of their own; drifting miserabRate it:

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For A Picture
Algernon Charles Swinburne
fingers clench has burst its hasp. The legs are absolutely abominable. Ah! what keen overgust of wRate it:

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Forsaking All Others Part 3
Alice Duer Miller
love....' 'You're wrong,' she cried, 'you're absolutely wrong. Not everything emotional and strongRate it:

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From The School Of The Renowned Philosopher
Constantine P. Cavafy
officious nitwits: their Greek—poor fools—absolutely barbaric. After that he became vaguely curiouRate it:

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Handsome Nell
Robert Burns
pleases me, 'Tis this enchants my soul For absolutely in my breast She reigns without conRate it:

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Hard Luck
Andrew Barton Paterson
"I haven't got a bite or bed, I'm absolutely stuck; So keep this lesson in your head: Don't ovRate it:

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Hongree and Mahry
William Schwenck Gilbert
language (chaste, but ungrammatical), Would absolutely have unfitted her. How different to this unrRate it:

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Men and Women
James Kenneth Stephen
her eyes invite a second glance. Her dress was absolutely colourless, Devoid of taste or shape or cRate it:

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My old football
John Milton Hayes
gone the pace, and sometimes it’s been absolutely bust, And yet ’twas always full of bounce, No matRate it:

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