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Abhangs (A Short Collection)
Sant Tukaram
1 I was sleeping when Namdeo and Vitthal Stepped into my dream. 'Your job is to make poems. Stop wasting time,' Namdeo said. Vitthal gave me the me...Rate it:

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A newspaper is a collection of half-injustices
Stephen Crane
A newspaper is a collection of half-injustices Which, bawled by boys from mile to mile, Spreads its curious opinion To a million merciful and sn...Rate it:

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Collection of Six Haiku
Matsuo Basho
Waking in the night; the lamp is low, the oil freezing. It has rained enough to turn the stubble on the field black. Winter rain falls ...Rate it:

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Collection of Poems
allpoetry.com/MadhupattiathRate it:

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Lines Written For Insertion In A Collection Of Handwritings And Signatures Made By Miss Patty
William Cowper
In vain to live from age to age While modern bards endeavour, I write my name in Patty's page, And gain my point for ever. Rate it:

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Written in a Collection of Bacchanalian Songs
William Shenstone
Adieu, ye jovial Youths! who join To plunge old Care in floods of wine; And, as your dazzled eyeballs roll, Discern him struggling in the bowl. No...Rate it:

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Variations on 'The short night--'
Yosa Buson
Below are eleven Buson haiku beginning with the phrase 'The short night--' The short night-- on the hairy caterpillar beads of dew. The short nig...Rate it:

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Life is too short
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Life is too short for any vain regretting; Let dead delight bury its dead, I say, And let us go upon our way forgetting The joys and sorrows of eac...Rate it:

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A Few Short Years From Now
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
Say, art thou angry? words unkind Have fallen upon thine ear, Thy spirit hath been wounded too By mocking jest or sneer, But mind it not—relax at o...Rate it:

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..But a short time to live
Leslie Coulson
Our little hour,—how swift it flies When poppies flare and lilies smile; How soon the fleeting minute dies, Leaving us but a little while To dr...Rate it:

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The Summer Nights Are Short
Christina Georgina Rossetti
The summer nights are short Where northern days are long: For hours and hours lark after lark Trills out his song. The summer days are short W...Rate it:

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Some laugh when they say ...... A joke that falls short to a snigger A parapraxis is not a para practice But the vacation of an exposed mind Not i...Rate it:

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All Fall Short
Mario William Vitale
To the serious seeker To the late night watcher of a double feature Each of us is responsible to a holy God We can either receive or reject I b...Rate it:

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Be My Mistress Short or Tall
Robert Herrick
Be my mistress short or tall And distorted therewithall Be she likewise one of those That an acre hath of nose Be her teeth ill hung or set An...Rate it:

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Hope, Like The Short-lived Ray That Gleams Awhile
William Cowper
Hope, like the short-lived ray that gleams awhile Through wintry skies, upon the frozen waste, Cheers e'en the face of misery to a smile; But soon ...Rate it:

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I reason, Earth is short
Emily Dickinson
I reason, Earth is short— And Anguish—absolute— And many hurt, But, what of that? I reason, we could die— The best Vitality Cannot excel Decay, Bu...Rate it:

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Life In The World Is Short
Life in the world is short, Why shoulder an unnecessary load Of worldly relationships? Thy parents gave thee birth in the world, But the Lord ...Rate it:

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Short & Dear
Kurt Philip Behm
My life, dumped onto paper My love, deep in the beer The years, a fateful mirror With time now short —and dear (Memories Of The Main P...Rate it:

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The Hour Is Short
Kurt Philip Behm
Contentment has set in, —all restlessness is gone The hour is growing short, —the day forever long (Villanova Pennsylvania: June, 2016)Rate it:

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The short Wooing
Henry King
Like an Oblation set before a Shrine, Fair One! I offer up this heart of mine. Whether the Saint accept my Gift or no, Ile neither fear nor doub...Rate it:

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The Winters are so short
Emily Dickinson
The Winters are so short— I'm hardly justified In sending all the Birds away— And moving into Pod— Myself—for scarcely settled— The Phoebes have b...Rate it:

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Though short thy span, God's unimpeach'd decrees
George Canning
Though short thy span, God's unimpeach'd decrees, Which made that shorten'd span one long disease, Yet merciful in chastening, gave thee scope For ...Rate it:

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Too Short To Dare
Kurt Philip Behm
Asking life to meet half way, you always lag behind The focus on the things you lack, not the gold you mine All compromise and copping out, ...Rate it:

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Choti Si Aas | Short Poem..
KulDeep Sharma
Pata Nahi Kya Jadu Tha, Curant Tere Chune Se Tha, Aakhon Me Thi Halki Si Chamak, Kuch Kar Jane Ka Dil Tha, Par Dar Lagata Hai Is Duniya Se, Jo Afaw...Rate it:

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I Would Like (Short version)
Yevgeny Yevtushenko
I would like to be born in every country, have a passport for them all to throw all foreign offices into panic, be every fish in every ocean and ...Rate it:

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