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A 'Born Leader Of Men'
Ambrose Bierce
Tuckerton Tamerlane Morey Mahosh Is a statesman of world-wide fame, With a notable knack at rhetorical bosh To glorify somebody's name Somebody cho...Rate it:

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The Leader That Was Pushed
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Once on a time a general whose name is handed down To the present generation as a name of high renown Once on a time this general - I trust you un...Rate it:

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The Leader and the Bad Girl
Henry Lawson
Because he had sinned and suffered, because he loved the land, And because of his wonderful sympathy, he held men’s hearts in his hand. Born and br...Rate it:

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A Society Leader
Ambrose Bierce
'The Social World'! O what a world it is Where full-grown men cut capers in the German, Cotillion, waltz, or what you will, and whizz And spin and ...Rate it:

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Lost Leader, The
Robert Browning
I. Just for a handful of silver he left us, Just for a riband to stick in his coat--- Found the one gift of which fortune bereft us, Lost all ...Rate it:

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The Lost Leader
Robert Browning
I. Just for a handful of silver he left us, Just for a riband to stick in his coat--- Found the one gift of which fortune bereft us, Lost all ...Rate it:

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No Organism Is A Born Terrorist
Nikhil Parekh
No petal is ever born disdainfully decayed; from the womb of the redolently mesmerizing and celestially effulgent flower, No fledgling is ever bo...Rate it:

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Canadian born
Emily Pauline Johnson
We first saw light in Canada, the land beloved of God; We are the pulse of Canada, its marrow and its blood: And we, the men of Canada, can face ...Rate it:

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The Land where I was Born
John Shaw Neilson
HAVE you ever been down to my countree Where the trees are green and tall? The days are long and the heavens are high, But the people th...Rate it:

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The Native Born
Rudyard Kipling
We've drunk to the Queen -- God bless her! -- We've drunk to our mothers' land; We've drunk to our English brother, (But he does not understand); W...Rate it:

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alexis karpouzos
You were born with dreams and ideals, you were born with love and trust, you were born with potential and greatness. You were born with wings. Don'...Rate it:

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The True Born Englishman (excerpt)
Daniel Defoe
... Thus from a mixture of all kinds began, That het'rogeneous thing, an Englishman: In eager rapes, and furious lust begot, Betwixt a p...Rate it:

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Introduction To The True-Born Englishman
Daniel Defoe
Speak, satire; for there's none can tell like thee Whether 'tis folly, pride, or knavery That makes this discontented land appear Less happy now in...Rate it:

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The Night Christ Was Born
Kenneth R. Jenkins
Heavenly peace was upon the Earth, Heaven shook; God's grace was put upon for Glory's worth, Suddendly a star appeared in the mist ther...Rate it:

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The Death Of The First Born
Paul Laurence Dunbar
COVER him over with daisies white, And eke with the poppies red, Sit with me here by his couch to-night, For the First-Born, Love, is dead. Poor li...Rate it:

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When Christ Was Born Of Mary Fre
Anonymous Americas
Christo paremus canticam, In excelsis gloria. When Cryst was born of Mary fre In Bedlem in that fayre cyté, Angellis songen with myrth and gle: In...Rate it:

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The Man Born Blind
Ambrose Bierce
A man born blind received his sight By a painful operation; And these are things he saw in the light Of an infant observation. He saw a merchant, ...Rate it:

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The Song Of The Soldier-Born
Robert William Service
Give me the scorn of the stars and a peak defiant; Wail of the pines and a wind with the shout of a giant; Night and a trail unknown and a heart re...Rate it:

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You, Who was Born for Poetry's Creation
Anna Akhmatova
You, who was born for poetry's creation, Do not repeat the sayings of the ancients. Though, maybe, our Poetry, itself, Is just a single beautiful c...Rate it:

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A bath when you're born
Kobayashi Issa
His death poem: A bath when you're born, a bath when you die, how stupid. Translated by Robert Hass Rate it:

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A silly sylvan, kissing heav'n-born fire
John Wilbye
A silly sylvan, kissing heav'n-born fire, Scorched his lips for his so fond desire: I, not so fond, but gaz'd whilst such fire burned, And all my ...Rate it:

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A Son Was Born To A Poor Peasant
Fyodor Sologub
A son was born to a poor peasant. A foul old woman stepped inside The hut, with trembling bony fingers Clawing her tangled locks aside. And when...Rate it:

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Born Again
Mario William Vitale
At first it starts with a tiny seed then the roots spring up out of the fertile soil preaching, teaching & service To humbly obey is better then...Rate it:

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Born again human
William Andrews
Does our desire fade like the morning mist on a sunny day when we slowly started to understand being born again is not as easy as we plann...Rate it:

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Born Before his Time
James Brunton Stephens
Brown was weeping; likewise cursing; and with amplitude of reason; For a letter had been handed him that very afternoon Which proved he had been cr...Rate it:

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