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There is an hour, a pensive hour
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
THERE is an hour, a pensive hour; (And oh! how dear its soothing pow'r!) It is, when twilight spreads her veil, And steals along the silent dale; '...Rate it:

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L'Horloge (The Clock)
Charles Baudelaire
Horloge! dieu sinistre, effrayant, impassible, Dont le doigt nous menace et nous dit: «Souviens-toi! Les vibrantes Douleurs dans ton coeur plein d'...Rate it:

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'Look at The Clock!' : Patty Morgan The Milkmaid's Story
Richard Harris Barham
FYTTE I. 'Look at the Clock!' quoth Winifred Pryce, As she open'd the door to her husband's knock, Then paus'd to give him a piece of advice, ...Rate it:

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Alternative Song For The Severd head In "The King Of The Great Clock Tower"
William Butler Yeats
SADDLE and ride, I heard a man say, Out of Ben Bulben and Knocknarea, i{What says the Clock in the Great Clock Tower?} All those tragic characters ...Rate it:

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The Old School Clock
John Boyle O'Reilly
'Twas a quaint old clock with a quaint old face, and great iron weights and chain. It stopped when it liked, and before it struck it creake...Rate it:

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The Fairy Clock
Virna Sheard
Silver clock! O silver clock! tell to me the time o' day! Is there yet a little hour left for us to work and play? Tell me when the sun will set--t...Rate it:

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John Clare
In the cowslip pips I lie, Hidden from the buzzing fly, While green grass beneath me lies, Pearled with dew like fishes' eyes, Here I lie, a clock-...Rate it:

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Twelve O'Clock
Rabindranath Tagore
Mother, I do want to leave off my lessons now. I have been at my book all the morning. You say it is only twelve o'clock. Suppose it isn't any ...Rate it:

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Grand-Father's Clock
Henry Clay Work
My grand-father's clock was too large for the shelf, So it stood ninety years on the floor; It was taller by half than the old man himself, Though ...Rate it:

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Sequel to Grandfather's Clock
Henry Clay Work
Once again have I roamed thro' the old-fashioned house, Where my grandfather spent his ninety years. There are strangers in charge, and the change ...Rate it:

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To the Town Clock
Joseph Howe
Thou grave old Time Piece, many a time and oft I've been your debtor for the time of day; And every time I cast my eyes aloft, And swe...Rate it:

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Clock Striking
Charles Lamb
Did I hear the church-clock a few minutes ago, I was asked, and I answered, I hardly did know, But I thought that I heard it strike three. Said my ...Rate it:

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My Cuckoo Clock
Robert William Service
I bought a cuckoo clock And glad was I To hear its tick and tock, Its dulcet cry. But Jones, whose wife is young And pre...Rate it:

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Nine O'Clock
Robert Graves
I. Nine of the clock, oh! Wake my lazy head! Your shoes of red morocco, Your silk bed-gown: Rouse, rouse, speck-eyed Mary In your high bed! A yawn...Rate it:

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Retrospect: The Jests Of The Clock
Robert Graves
He had met hours of the clock he never guessed before- Dumb, dragging, mirthless hours confused with dreams and fear, Bone-chilling, hungry hours w...Rate it:

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Since Nine O'Clock
Constantine P. Cavafy
Half past twelve. Time has gone by quickly since nine o'clock when I lit the lamp and sat down here. I've been sitting without reading, without ...Rate it:

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The Workhouse Clock
Thomas Hood
An Allegory There's a murmur in the air, And noise in every street— The murmur of many tongues, The noise of numerous feet— While round the Wo...Rate it:

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The Year Clock
William Barnes
We zot bezide the leafy wall, Upon the bench at evenfall, While aunt led off our minds wrom ceare Wi' veairy teales, I can't tell where, An' vound ...Rate it:

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Eight O'Clock
Alfred Edward Housman
He stood, and heard the steeple Sprinkle the quarters on the morning town. One, two, three, four, to market-place and people It tossed them down...Rate it:

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A Clock Stopped -- Not The Mantel's
Emily Dickinson
A clock stopped -- not the mantel's Geneva's farthest skill Can't put the puppet bowing That just now dangled still. An awe came on the trin...Rate it:

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Eight O'clock
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Eight o'clock; The postman's knock! Five letters for Papa; One for Lou, And none for you, And three for dear Mamma. Rate it:

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In The Harbour: Four By The Clock
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Four by the clock! and yet not day; But the great world rolls and wheels away, With its cities on land, and its ships at sea, Into the dawn that is...Rate it:

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Little Dick And The Clock
James Whitcomb Riley
When Dicky was sick In the night, and the clock, As he listened, said 'Tick- Atty--tick-atty--tock!' He said that _it_ said, Every time it said 'Ti...Rate it:

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Sonnet 12: When I do count the clock that tells the time
William Shakespeare
When I do count the clock that tells the time, And see the brave day sunk in hideous night; When I behold the violet past prime, And sable curls al...Rate it:

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The Birds begun at Four o'clock
Emily Dickinson
The Birds begun at Four o'clock— Their period for Dawn— A Music numerous as space— But neighboring as Noon— I could not count their Force— Their V...Rate it:

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