Ethics for Infants

Now, children, in this lesson of a rather novel sort
Let us dwell, however briefly, on the moral phase of sport,
Taking cricket, for example, and those vague unwritten laws
Which, when observed, bring harmony, and help the noble cause
Of sportsmanship; but, understand, opinions given here
And rules of conduct specified are just as they appear.
To me and sundry others who see eye to eye with me
While 'tis candidly admitted other folk may disagree.

Eample one: When bowling we'll suppose, without intent,
You hurt a batsman badly so that half his strength be spent.
Now, the law, as I conceive it; is to give the man a chance
And to treat him rather gently while he flounders in trance.
That's sportsmanship, true sportsmanship as it appears to me;
Tho', as I have remarked before, some folk may disagree.
  They would set a leg trap for him and attack him out of hand!
But that's a trick that you and I could never understand.

Example two: When bowling you have got a batsman out
But the umpire has not seen it, and the issue is in doubt;
The batsman gets the benefit and profits by the same.
And you? Why you regard it as the fortune of the game.
But, should you lose your temper and show plainly you are peeved,
Well, I and who thnk like me would be just a little grieved,
A little bit ashamed, you know, or so it seems to me,
Tho' remember clearly, children, other folk may disgaree.