I Am The Truth

Ehsan Sehgal is a Pakistani-Dutch poet and writer. He moved to the Netherlands in 1978 to avoid persecution during the General Zia era in Pakistan and has lived in the Netherlands since. Ehsan Sehgal began his literary career in 1967. His first publication was a novel, but his consequent books were…

I am not a person to hurt
Someone, friend or stranger
I see everyone
As a human
Without discriminating
In any shape
In any way
I take all the pains
On my shoulders
On my body
I always speak the truth
It is my life
It is my death
I had been hanging
I shall be hanging
Every time
I am the truth
I know it since
Creation of the universe
It is my destiny
Decided by the liars,
But my real place is heaven
Where exists
Only truth and justice.

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