Another You

Keith Rideout is a Canadian musician and poet. Keith is the founder of his independent label Zombifier Entertainment. His passion is in creating poetry, music and lyrics, and in all his work he brings a unique creativity that evokes an emotional identity we can all relate to. Check out Keith Rideou…

I can’t believe
I sat down and cried the same old guitar blues over you
I thought in time my heart will fine another love to fill the shoes of you
But another you comes to me in my dreams from my soul along the the highway of lost that time seem to cross to tell me I will never forget another you
I went down to the picture show to distract myself from another you but what I found on the big screen was you and me in a dancing scene cheek to cheek in a romance meant to be
Another you comes to me from my soul to my dreams
another you crosses my mind on the highway of time
Another you tells my heart
I will always stay in love with another you