Hubbs is a Londoner looking beyond written 'histories' for truths untold


As you near end of age paroxysms assuage surging whim
Acutely noting in formation fits mixed complex composition of asylum

Hope there is real light for Palestine to cast upon the enemies deception and the many lies he brews
Millenniums before common error of listening to his story knowing in his advancing rage of dis, tort, and constant abuse
Fore fathers pride collapse
Separated mothers… lapse
Through time present now are those who convived
In their hub fed tridented colloquiums they contrived
To pursue a nation entirely as it falls
While forward a pseudo nation crawls
To take a land large piece by large piece
Left no peace as a homeland decrease
A kindness has been never lent
From those of a kind so malevolent
Behind byzantine symposium of delinquents
Cultural evolution intercept
Dissimulate with every step
Imbued into rich ancestry
Now a prized away asset

Is it your history?
"No!" It 'u loved
Devolution to look back

Dissect bloodlines to untie families
Traces of past idiosyncrasies
An author docks as the ensemble are secreted away
Reapers of cultivated fruit
Accede to implant a linear route into an ethereal root
Ordinate the abscissa to begin a new chart
Support stems from the centre of a vehement heart
With a history cursively written to displace times
Now the present does not know how time aligns

Reincarnation is to flesh over again