Make Love Every Moment; Every Day

Nikhil Parekh , ( born August 27 ; 1977 ) from Ahmedabad , India - is a Love Poet and 10 time National Record holder for his Poetry with the Limca Book of Records India , which is India's Best Book of Records , also Ranked 2nd in the World officially to Guinness Book of World Records . He is an aut…

The most perfect day for "Cricket" was; when the Sun blazed indefatigably from fathomless sky; with brilliantly invincible streams of light and air transcending everything else in the atmosphere,

The most perfect day for "Adventuring" was; when the mists of unparalleled
sensuousness dribbled from every conceivable leaf of the forest; when every ingredient of soil on which you tread was engulfed with tantalizingly fresh
globules of rain,

The most perfect day for " War " was; when your battalion of soldiers were consummately equipped and armed; and more so when the desire to win for their impoverished motherland reigned the most supreme in their hearts,

The most perfect day for " Chess" was; when you stretched the corridors of
your imagination even beyond the uncannily extraordinary; interminably concentrating every unfurling instant; like the mid-day Sun,

The most perfect day for " Hunting" was; when stony silence overruled every
trajectory of the boundless forests; fomenting you to surreptitiously approach your hedonistically man-eater prey,

The most perfect day for " Fantasizing" was; when an unsurpassable cradle of
voluptuously enchanting clouds embellished every bit of barren sky; enamoring even the most fecklessly stagnating pore of your skin with unceasingly blessed rhapsody,

The most perfect day for " Dancing" was; when every blade of hair on your
fantastically virile skin; stood up in effulgent exhilaration towards the astounding semi-crescent of the pearly Moon,

The most perfect day for " Kite-Flying" was; when uninhibitedly triumphant
draughts of wind inundated every cranny of the atmosphere; unbelievably transported holistic thread and paper to serenaded heights of blue sky,

The most perfect day for " Football" was; when millions of fans cheered in
ecstatic unison; everytime the ball headed towards the goal post under the
flamboyantly sweltering rays of the mid-day Sun,

The most perfect day for " Skating" was; when even the most inconspicuous
portion of soil that you tread; metamorphosed into beautifully untainted
white ice,

The most perfect day for " Whistling" was; when even the most weirdest of
your dreams; your every earnestly philanthropic effort in the chapter of
vibrant life; seemed to be fructifying into the most blissfully unconquerable of reality,

The most perfect day for " Bathing" was; when the ravishingly shimmering waterfall ardently invited you; to feast upon its perpetually reinvigorating spray as it cascaded victoriously and freely into the valley of bewitchingly untamed wilderness,

The most perfect day for " Wrestling" was; when even the most dolorously
dying muscle of your body; insatiably urged to punch its way; to fight for its very own symbiotic right; through the fabric of this endless Universe,

The most perfect day for " Examination" was; when the person you loved; adored and worshipped the most; inexhaustibly stood by your side as your most unflinching mate; even as the planet commenced to wholesomely extinguish and subside,

The most perfect day for " Driving" was; when you felt the benign spirit of your soul blend with your car and road; when whichever trail you chose to go took you towards an epitome higher than the skies,

The most perfect day for " Partying" was; when people of all caste; creed; tribe; color and race; invincibly melanged as the most celestially endowed gathering under the Sun; united in waves of symbiotic brotherhood for times immemorial,

The most perfect day for " Swimming" was; when each wave of the sea glistened in spell-binding harmony with impregnably golden sunshine; when the shores became your ultimate abode and the majestic sea your only savior,

The most perfect day for "Living" was; when the nostrils were not just greedy for inhaling and solely flooding their individual lungs with unprecedented euphoria; but wanted to bestow happiness on countless other lives as well; altruistically exhaling out the same,

Whist the most perfect day for "Love" is every unfurling moment; every sensuous night; every blazing day; irrespective of any circumstance; situation; belonging or activity; so start to fall in love; replenish with love; blossom into love; make priceless love every beat of your immortally palpitating heart; this very moment today.