Made Me realize

Nikhil Parekh , ( born August 27 ; 1977 ) from Ahmedabad , India - is a Love Poet and 10 time National Record holder for his Poetry with the Limca Book of Records India , which is India's Best Book of Records , also Ranked 2nd in the World officially to Guinness Book of World Records . He is an aut…

The creases burgeoning sonorously on my forehead; made me realize; that I was getting painstakingly older,

The streaks of tantalizingly white lightening in the ambience around; made me realize; that I was incessantly erupting into a fireball of untamed sensuousness,

The voluptuous entrenchment of majestic roses in the garden; made me realize; that I wanted to timelessly philander through the aisles of uninhibitedly tingling romance,

The outlines of agonizing fervency on the periphery of my impoverished lips; made me realize; that I wanted to be insatiably kissed till times well beyond eternity,

The profusely articulate lines of destiny on my diminutive palms; made me realize; that each instant of my life; had been enigmatically embellished by the Lord Almighty,

The rambunctiously discordant reverberations in my stomach; made me realize; that even the most infinitesimal element in my intestine; was uncontrollably growling for sumptuous food,

The torrential downpours of silken rain in the atmosphere; made me realize; that the fantasizing wanderer in my soul; wanted to euphorically dance till the end of my time,

The unrelentingly Omnipotent blaze of the blistering Sun; made me realize; that I wanted to ubiquitously disseminate the essence of symbiotic brotherhood; to all my fellow comrades in inexplicably shivering distress,

The uncouthly indiscriminate trampling of the satanic devil; made me realize; that I wanted to relinquish every iota my penurious breath; in my mission to perpetually save all tyrannized mankind,

The ebulliently boisterous chirping of the innocuous squirrels and birds; made me realize; that I wanted to stretch my wings of inherent freedom; and soar like a
regale prince through the gates of mesmerizing paradise,

The vivaciously resplendent rainbows in the cosmos; made me realize; that there were an unsurpassable shades to my infinitesimal life; with each of them eventually blossoming into a valley of charismatic enchantment,

The vibrantly pulsating beats of the bountifully bubbling nightingales; made me realize; that there was still an innocent child in my manipulatively bizarre conscience; erupting into a fountain of untamed ecstasy; every unfurling instant of the
brilliant day,

The ravishingly rejuvenating waterfalls on the slopes; made me realize; that I ardently needed to be caressed from all sides; replenishing every ingredient of my famished blood with all astronomically aristocratic beauty; that hovered in the atmosphere,

The indefatigable twitching of my uncannily exploring eyelids; made me realize; that I wanted to fervently discover every beautifully twinkling cranny of this wonderful Universe; infinite births even after my veritable death,

The relentlessly ricocheting echoes in the gorge; made me realize; that the inferno of hidden desires in me; was tumultuously urging to fulminate into wisps of magical togetherness,

The poignantly crimson color of my blood; made me realize; that there was irrefutably only one religion in the entire planet; and that was the religion of
priceless humanity,

The titillating whispers of the tranquil tree leaves around; made me realize; that each pore of my indigently trembling skin; wanted to be compassionately caressed by unfathomable reservoirs of truth; and sparkling righteousness,

The gloriously piquant that wafted down my surrendering nostrils; made me realize; that life was the most enlightening endowment upon every living being; the harmoniously sacred mantra to bond with the Almighty Divine,

And the intransigently throbbing beats of my passionate heart; made me realize; that there I had fallen in love; bonding more invincibly with its heavenly swirl; as each second unveiled into a civilization of newness; as each moment brought alongwith it the perpetual blessings; of the Almighty Lord.