Love Is living

Nikhil Parekh , ( born August 27 ; 1977 ) from Ahmedabad , India - is a Love Poet and 10 time National Record holder for his Poetry with the Limca Book of Records India , which is India's Best Book of Records , also Ranked 2nd in the World officially to Guinness Book of World Records . He is an aut…

Sunrays are fascinatingly blazing,
Lotus's are blissfully blooming,
Skies are torrentially pelting,
Beauty is redolently everlasting,
Frogs are majestically croaking,
Eagles are ingratiatingly soaring,
Grasshoppers are rambunctiously chattering,
Rainbows are vivaciously scintillating,
Eyelids are flirtatiously winking,
Waterfalls are marvelously rejuvenating,
War's are abhorrently stinking,
Gorges are unfathomably mystifying,
Trees are rhapsodically frolicking,
Clocks are meticulously ticking,
Nightingales are melodiously singing,
Crocodiles are ominously menacing,
Whispers are seductively tantalizing,
Dolphins are ecstatically leaping,
Clouds are voluptuously fascinating,
Rainshowers are gloriously titillating,
Fairies are impeccably mesmerizing,
Devils are viciously devastating,
Harbingers are fragrantly blossoming,
Oceans are gorgeously undulating,
Eyeballs are indefatigably revolving,
Bloodstreams are poignantly bestowing,
Beasts are satanically marauding,
Earlobes are resplendently dangling,
Deserts are unsurpassably sweltering,
Maelstroms are tirelessly hurling,
Dungeons are hideously depraving,
Nights are sensuously tingling,
Fortresses are compassionately sequestering,
Castles are grandiloquently reinvigorating,
God's are perennially blessing,
Fountains are vividly sparkling,
Prisons are diabolically traumatizing,
Hell is treacherously penalizing,
Soldiers are patriotically fighting,
Criminals are murderously vandalizing,
Valleys are panoramically enticing,
Dreams are resplendently ingratiating,
Philanthropists are impeccably shimmering,
Nights are voluptuously revitalizing,
Humanity is perpetually uniting,
Cowards are incessantly whining,
Palaces are grandiloquently glistening,
Solidarity is perennially amalgamating,
Scent is timelessly sprouting,
Bees are boisterously buzzing,
Owls are enigmatically quizzing,
Traitors are unrelentingly dithering,
Icicles are frigidly frosting,
Grassblades are supremely enamoring,
Scientists are invariably pondering,
Corpses are salaciously decaying,
Truth is forever celebrating,
Dinosaurs are mercilessly stampeding,
Bells are divinely tinkling,
Cows are holistically milking,
Sheep are innocuously grazing,
Manipulation is satanically abhorring,
Wines are sensuously intoxicating,
Stars are vividly radiating,
Fanatics are insanely iterating,
Clowns are inherently laughing,
Spiders are bountifully weaving,
Bats are vindictively sucking,
Nature is symbiotically entertaining,
Dictators are insidiously domineering,
Angels are miraculously healing,
Sweat is fabulously persevering,
Corruption is deliriously maiming,
Petals are intricately sensing,
Roots are unassailably defending,
Reality is candidly believing,
Lions are euphorically roaring,
Prejudiced are discordantly whimpering,
Robots are miserably asphyxiating,
Charisma is inevitably attracting,
Benevolence is ever-pervadingly scintillating,
Lies is disgustingly rotting,
Peacocks are marvelously dancing,
Squirrels are immaculately munching,
Leopards are indiscriminately crunching,
Politicians are shrewdly pulverizing,
Tycoons are monotonously demoralizing,
Cottonbuds are pristinely sheltering,
Matchsticks are capriciously flaming,
Infidel are pathetically caning,
Eyelids are indefatigably raving,
Conscience is endlessly assimilating,
Mountains are gloriously towering,
Footprints are explicitly unraveling,
Shadows are fascinatingly appealing,
Ancestors are regally soliloquizing,
Tornado's are gustily blowing,
Fans are ebulliently circulating,
Breath is astoundingly evolving,
And love is Omnisciently living.