Life Overrules death

Nikhil Parekh , ( born August 27 ; 1977 ) from Ahmedabad , India - is a Love Poet and 10 time National Record holder for his Poetry with the Limca Book of Records India , which is India's Best Book of Records , also Ranked 2nd in the World officially to Guinness Book of World Records . He is an aut…

Light overrules pathetic darkness,
Happiness overrules morbid sadness,
Greenery overrules blistering sands,
Optimism overrules lackadaisical diffidence,
Conviction overrules decaying weakness,
Radiance overrules overwhelming gloom,
Boisterousness overrules stingy silence,
Fragrance overrules dilapidated stench,
Charisma overrules stagnated boredom,
Smile overrules ostentatious tears,
Goodness overrules diabolically evil,
Pioneers overrule manipulatively mundane,
Literacy overrules bohemian thumb,
Water overrules spurious whisky,
Freshness overrules deliberate dwindling,
Enigma overrules monotonous lifestyles,
Passion overrules opprobrious nonchalance,
Flames overrule soggy matchsticks,
Alacrity overrules ominous dumbness,
Summits overrule lecherous plottings,
Adventure overrules abhorrent suicide,
Peace overrules satanic hatred,
Mysticism overrules chauvinistic ego's,
Tranquility overrules scorching summers,
Freedom overrules incarcerated slavery,
Art overrules baseless commercialism,
Wings overrule tyrannically dictatorial,
Immaculate overrule hideously tarnished,
Beauty overrules uncouth ugliness,
Nostalgia overrules snobbish bossism,
Truth overrules blatant lies,
Belief overrules sanctimonious superstitions,
Exuberance overrules despicable withering,
Melody overrules disgruntling cacophony,
Unity overrules treacherous bloodshed,
Compassion overrules horrendous indifference,
Perseverance overrules malicious trickery,
Childhood overrules mature melancholy,
Dance overrules lackluster sleep,
Courage overrules devastating depression,
Wind overrules claustrophobic fanaticism,
Angels overrule bloodsucking beasts,
Harmony overrules stuttering violence,
Ambition overrules aimless staring,
Meadows overrule cold-blooded rocks,
Time overrules obsolete oblivion,
Honey overrules lambasting bitterness,
Sun overrules debilitating blackness,
Stars overrule gory graveyards,
Majestic overrule mundane attitudes,
Non-violence overrules indiscriminate massacre,
Pearls overrule horrific feces,
Oceans overrule parsimoniously stingy,
Philanderers overrule austere businessmen,
Rainbows overrule deplorable survival,
Friendship overrules derogatory self-conceit,
Philanthropism overrules savage war,
Benevolence overrules abominable condemnation,
Enthrallment overrules murderous disdain,
Sacrifice overrules innocent slaining,
Activity overrules dithering solitude,
Patriots overrule devilish traitors,
Grass overrules cannibalistic vultures,
Sharing overrules pretentious presidents,
Mother overrules crippling brutality,
Soil overrules sleazy fertilizer,
Empathy overrules menacing drudgery,
Impeccable overrule acrimonious blemishes,
Tanginess overrules orphaned pity,
Exhilaration overrules irrevocable stubbornness,
Realization overrules faulty penance,
Humanity overrules parasitic stardom,
Knowledge overrules primordial rituals,
Shadows overrule bombastically embellished,
Memories overrule false reflections,
Whistling overrules clenched frustration,
Marching overrules obnoxious contraptions,
Swimming overrules pertinent numbness,
Speech overrules cheap advertisements,
Hope overrules vindictively rusty,
Rhetoric overrules nervous stammering,
Ideals overrule prognosticated destinies,
Snow overrules asphyxiating gas,
Consistency overrules flash-of-pan speed,
Panaceas overrule miserable disease,
Emotions overrule signed documents,
Parenthood overrules partying culture,
Grip overrules ludicrous slithering,
Flirtation overrules insidious adulthood,
Whole hearted-Embracing overrules nonchalant prayers,
Singing overrules incoherent wails,
Conscience overrules sinister judgement,
Heart overrules conventional textbooks,
Soul overrules unfortunate accidents,
Love overrules invidious betrayal,
And life overrules the chapter of inevitable death.