Completely Capture

Nikhil Parekh , ( born August 27 ; 1977 ) from Ahmedabad , India - is a Love Poet and 10 time National Record holder for his Poetry with the Limca Book of Records India , which is India's Best Book of Records , also Ranked 2nd in the World officially to Guinness Book of World Records . He is an aut…

Her royally emollient eyelashes were the ones which timelessly flirted me; eternally drowning me into an unfathomable sea of seductively untamed mischief,

Her lusciously untainted lips were the ones which perennially kissed me; making me unassailably romanticize in the aisles of unparalleled desire; for infinite more births of mine,

Her fantastically rubicund cheeks were the ones which tantalizingly caressed me; triggering rapaciously uninhibited fireballs of rhapsodic delight in every
conceivable of my vein,

Her iridescently twinkling eyeballs were the ones which wonderfully mesmerized me; drifting me into a festoon of fathomlessly bewitching fantasy,

Her bountifully eclectic fingers were the ones which made me unflinching believe in myself; triumphantly guiding me towards the heavens of boundlessly enthralling enchantment,

Her impeccably victorious skin was the one which cast a spell of unbreakable magnetism upon my agonizingly beleaguered senses; making me exult in the glory of sensuously endowing paradise till times beyond infinite infinity,

Her regally shimmering nape was the one which conquered even the most infinitesimal ingredient of my imagination; inundating every haplessly disastrous dream of mine; with effulgent unceasing charisma and charm,

Her effervescently bubbling stride was the one which ignited sparks of unprecedented ecstasy in my every staggering night; making me wholesomely
oblivious to every other monotonous activity on this Universe,

Her mystically blessing voice was the one which miraculously pacified my
every torturously asphyxiating desire; overwhelming my murderously decrepit
persona with unlimited happiness,

Her stupendously ravishing hair were the ones which timelessly enthralled
every horrifically dying pore of my flesh; rekindling my vanquished to beautifully lead life,

Her mellifluously tinkling feet were the ones which taught me how to endlessly mysticize; optimistically pave the path of irrefutably peerless truth; even through the most amorphously castigated of blackness,

Her inimitably golden innocence was the one which Omnipotently blessed me;
eternally enshrouded every cranny of my grotesquely beleaguered existence with the fragrance of invincible humanity,

Her ingratiatingly burgeoning freshness was the one which poignantly proliferate me; limitlessly engendering me to take a countless new births; as every
reinvigorating minute melodiously unraveled,

Her Omnisciently velvety shadow was the one which artistically painted my
gruesomely stuttering soul; righteously decimated even the most inconspicuous trace of prejudice from my banefully vexed countenance,

Her unsurpassably intriguing brain was the one which endlessly transpired me to see the world in an enlightening spirit; to unrelentingly discover through the forests
of ubiquitously princely newness,

Her benevolently impregnable spirit was the one which made me believe in
splendidly egalitarian humanity; uninhibitedly embrace every living being irrespective of size; shape or spurious color,

Her ravenously inebriating silhouette was the one which made me the craziest
man on this globe; but only for the winds of ebulliently panoramic and bestowing beauty,

Her perpetually sacrosanct breath was the one which instilled indomitable life in my cadaverously wastrel veins; forever transpiring me to blend with the spirit of vividly ecstatic life,

And her immortally venerated heart was the one which had completely captured
every beat of my past; present and future life; even before I could emit my very first cry; even before I could commence my very first birth.