Audaciously Dare

Nikhil Parekh , ( born August 27 ; 1977 ) from Ahmedabad , India - is a Love Poet and 10 time National Record holder for his Poetry with the Limca Book of Records India , which is India's Best Book of Records , also Ranked 2nd in the World officially to Guinness Book of World Records . He is an aut…

Only he who knows how to adeptly rebuild the castle perfectly; blending cement; concrete and glass in commensurate proportions; can audaciously dare trample
over and break it,

Only he who knows how to dexterously re-stitch the exquisite fabric; weave majestic cloth out of bland tufts of cotton; can audaciously dare to tear it,

Only he who knows how to expertly remold the intricately enigmatic jigsaw puzzle; can audaciously dare to dismantle it,

Only he who knows how to prolifically write infinite numbers of pages; inundate barren fragments of paper with multiple alphabets within seconds; can audaciously dare to rip it apart and dispose it,

Only he who knows how to enchantingly sing; capturing the entire Universe with his mesmerizing voice; can audaciously dare to stop all conversation; stop each voice from flowing,

Only he who knows how to run; conquer invincible summits of the mountain taking boundless strides at a time; can audaciously dare to sleep when the entire world around him slogged and worked,

Only he who knows how to adroitly mend the car brakes; blend them back to perfection within split seconds of time; can audaciously dare to snap them,

Only he who knows how to voraciously swim; wade his way across the most stormy waters and ferociously swirling sea; can audaciously dare to sink to its rock bottom,

Only he who knows how to appreciate even the most minuscule of beauty hovering around in the cosmos; had the incomprehensible power to envisage and perceive
the most tantalizing sights that ever existed on this earth close eyed; can audaciously dare to pierce his eyes and go pathetically blind,

Only he who knows how to clean the entire room; annihilate even the most infinitesimal trace of dirt adhering to the walls; can audaciously dare to dirty

Only he who knows how to make strangers laugh within seconds; foment them to thunderously chortle at even the smallest joke of his; can audaciously dare to make
them cry,

Only he who knows how to stare unrelentingly looking into the heart of the fiery Sun; profoundly admiring its poignant tenacity; can audaciously dare to blink
without control,

Only he who knows how to attract any female towards him without the slightest of effort; foment her to love him by merely looking into her eyes; can
audaciously dare to betray her,

Only he who knows how to grow countless number of trees; producing tons of salubrious grains round the year from the field mingling raw seeds in robust soil; can audaciously dare to chop one with the axe,

Only he who knows how to meditate incessantly; profusely concentrating on the deity of sacrosanct God; communicating with him whenever he wanted to; can audaciously dare to shout with the satanic devil; every hour after the onset of midnight,

Only he who knows how to convince every entity with the eloquent power of his speech; propagate the message of unfathomable truth and peace ubiquitously all around the Globe; can audaciously dare to speak a string of blatant lies,

Only he who knows how to miraculously heal the body of the most inexplicable of ailment; grant reprieve to the miserably afflicted by the mere caress of his Omnipotent palms; can audaciously dare of poisoning it,

Only he who knows how to recreate the entire planet; by merely opening diminutive portions of his Omniscient mouth; can audaciously dare of completely destroying it,

And only he who knows how to impart new life; procreate millions by the Omnipresent power engulfing his visage; can audaciously dare of abruptly ending it
entirely and snatching it.