A self-taught poet who's words got her through her darkest days.

I write the scars on my body into words you could never comprehend,
I bite my lip until I can taste the blood, would you ever understand?
I used to shed tears of sadness or was it madness,
I once felt bad for the pain he inflicted on me, until the anger took over,
I cannot believe I waited so long to let his control go, I couldn’t change the page in my own book and overlooked every one of his flaws,
I saw what I wanted to see, and placed the blame on me,
Same days on repeat, just once I hoped it wouldn’t be the case,
Mind was laced in a poisonous state, I was going to die if I stayed at this rate.

Tears of blood as I released the darkness that took ahold of my soul,
He left a mark on my heart that shall never be erased,
A memory, a reminder, a dark spot to keep my eyes wide so I never let anyone ever get in that deep or lie their way into my heart,
I’ll always take a leap into something I believe to be pure, but I will always be sure that no one will lure their way into my shattered, scattered past just for me to relive the misery he brought into my life,
Wife? I was no wife; He used his knife of a tongue to keep my mind and body in check,
Damn I really was a wreck, felt his hands wrap tight around my neck just with words I heard on repeat,
Take a seat my slave, I’m only trying to save you and make you cave until I am in control of the woman you once were,

You’ll break, you’ll crack, you’ll wish your fate was death, more so for your sake,
Control, love, hate, fate, embrace the pain and make it rain blood until it floods his mind and let him taste the chain of chaos that brought you to this point,
Bind his mind so he knows what it is to feel himself go insane by the actions of a once kind woman who he had turned sinister by a man who vowed to protect her,
Oh, he ran, he ran so fast and for once I heard evil slip through my lips,
I ripped myself from my own mind as I realized that woman was not who I was,
I wept tears of sadness as I knew somehow, I was turning into a person I never wanted to be,
In that moment I burned the darkness that had taken ahold of my mind, and chose to let go of the anger that had my feet rooted deeply into the ground,
Once again, I heard the beat of a once hollow heart and I knew then I was free to fly far away like a bird who had found her wings.

All I want is a life of peace, release this pain and I shall carry light within the darkness of my soul and embark it on a journey to heal the hurt of others who share the hurt that none of us should have ever had to endure.