So Be It

Pursued my passion for composition, exploring of mind and emotions and bringing light, somehow to our earth in transition needing help and change. From the seventies till now one can see its outcome. Love being a part of the writing community in whatever degree.

I pass a fence
a see through fence,
a fierce record of its message staked.

Keep out, private thoughts within.
  But yet in this art form many flags
  will homestead. This is my life.

  This is my love. This is the stuff,
  I would sail onward, even knowing the world was flat.

Could fall off be gone, never to venture out again.

The captains of chance on a muse life line.
  But then that experience would bring another,
  and so it goes, why we're here.

This love was set by the community of flowers
some time ago by inspiring stardust
falling right here.

Nature, passion's briquettes could light up at any time.
Setting blank pages open to discovery,
as it awakens a sleeping memory what could be, should be...

I am into all of it now.